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The Daystar University Charter recognizes research as an integral part of the University’s mission, objectives and functions. The University aims at providing Christian-based higher education training and research for the expansion of God’s Kingdom in Africa and the world. Based at the University’s Nairobi Campus, the Centre primarily has three functions namely:

  • Academic Research:

    The Directorate promotes research among Daystar University Staff and Faculty by administering the University research funds and providing training in research methodology.

    • Generation of Knowledge for teaching purposes through conference presentations, consultancy and publications.
    • Provision of academic support to faculty and postgraduate students in all phases of their research: proposal writing, data collection, data analysis and report writing
    • Provision of specialized equipment for field research: audio recorders and transcribing machines
    • Identification, documentation and compilation of academic research.
    • Strengthening of local and international research networks
  • Publications:

    The Directorate publishes Perspectives, an academic journal of the University twice a year and undertakes publication of books written by staff and faculty and editing of manuscripts.

    • Edit and publish academic publications
    • Host regional and international journals
    • Plan and implement academic conferences and publish proceedings
    • Disseminate research findings
    • Facilitate publications of monographs
  • Consultancy:

    The Centre undertakes consultancy with organizations, Churches and para-church organizations. The Center is based on Nairobi campus.

    • Coordinate research projects for local churches, Christian organizations and other community-based organizations
    • Facilitate short courses in Research and Consultancy
    • Host and facilitate local and international visiting researchers in conducting their research projects
    • Monitor and evaluate activities for development projects

Objectives of the Directorate

  • To generate, store and disseminate knowledge for teaching, ministry and development purposes
  • To encourage and support faculty to write proposals for funding
  • To support faculty and students in data collection, analysis and writing of research reports and papers
  • To facilitate faculty to publish their research output as books, journal articles and other formats
  • To strengthen local and international research and consultancy networks.
  • To continuously improve the capacity of faculty and students in the field of research through relevant trainings
  • To support schools and departments in planning and hosting local and international conferences
  • To manage the University research grant



For further enquiry contact us on Email: or call 0709 972 000

Sr. Prof. Agnes Lucy Lando (Director)
Research Directorate

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