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A Welcome from the University Chaplaincy

Welcome to Daystar University on behalf of the Chaplaincy Department. Daystar University is a Christian non-denominational University that is committed to ensure that the community grows in an all rounded manner, with God at the center of it.

In Chaplaincy, we provide spiritual oversight through various community spiritual nurture programs, pastoral care and counseling to both students and members of staff. Our community spiritual nurture programs are mandatory to all as they are an essential part of the university's regular weekly schedule. They include:

  • Weekly Chapel Services

    These take place every Tuesday in both campuses, and every Friday for evening students. 

    Main Campus – every Tuesday from 8:30am to 9:30am at the Amphitheatre. Nairobi Campus- every Tuesday from 11:15am to 12:15pm at the DAC Auditorium. 

    Nairobi Campus (evening Students)- every Friday from 5:15pm6:15pm at the DAC Auditorium.

  • In our chapels we include a variety of worship styles that allow the community to participate using their various gifts and talents including music, drama, preaching and many more. All staff and students of Daystar University are also individually expected to be members of a church in which they worship and fellowship regularly. As a vital part of spiritual growth, they are encouraged to serve the Lord in an active way in their churches.

  • Small Group Weekly Bible Study

    This is a unique mentorship program where staff and faculty members mentor the students in small groups. It aims at community togetherness where members of the community journey together in learning life lessons from the Word of God. Small Group meetings take place every Thursday on both campuses at 8.30am in Main Campus and 11.15am in Nairobi Campus.

  • University Prayer Day held once every semester

    This is a day the University has set aside for prayer during the January and August semesters. On this day, the University shuts down all its activities including classes to congregate and pray together.

The Daystar Christian Fellowship (DCF) – a Student- led Ministry

The Daystar Christian Fellowship (DCF) is the umbrella body for all student-led ministry activities and fellowship. These ministry activities provide opportunities for life and spiritual growth through discovery of gifts and talents and providing opportunities to utilize them. They are also great platforms for fellowship. The following are some of the ministry activities:

  • Prayer Ministry
  • Art Ministries:

    • Drama
    • Dance
    • Music-worship team
    • Sing Africa

  • Missions:

    • Evangelism choir
    • Outreach missions

  • Gender-based ministries:

    • Daystar Men’s Fellowship (DMF)
    • Daystar Ladies Fellowship (DaLaFe)

  • Creatives
  • Sunday School ministry
  • Married Couples Fellowship

We invite you to connect with us by writing to us on or you could follow us on our social media platforms:

Instagram: daystarchristianfellowship

Facebook: Daystar Christian Fellowship  

Twitter: daystar_dcf 


For any enquiries contact the Chaplaincy Department on Email: or call +254 709 972 000