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University Services Welcome  Note

I welcome you to Daystar University and to the Main Campus Athi River.

The University Services Department at the Main Athi River Campus works to give residential students a home away from home.

The services we provide include:

  • Accommodation
  • Cafeteria
  • Transport
  • Cleaning Services

Accomodation: For students boarding on-campus at the Athi River Campus, we have two Types of Hostels:

  • Full-Board Hostels where students are provided three meals a day in a common Dining Hall. The Full Board hostels are Imani (Men), Grace (Ladies) and Patience (Ladies) and Bethel (Men).
  • Self-Catering Hostel Units (SCHU) where students are provided a common kitchen supplied with cooking gas, water, electricity and storage cabinets. Students the prepare their own meals. SCHU hostels include DUPA (Women), Bethel Block 5 (Men), and SCHU (Men/Women)

 Please note that the University requires all new students to take Fullboard accommodation in their first year of study. Charges for different Room types are available on your Fees Structure.

Cafeteria: The Cafeteria provides Fullboard students with meals in the cafeteria on a pay-as-you-eat (PAYE) basis. 

 Transport: Transport is availed to day-scholar students studying at the Athi River Campus from Nairobi and other nearby towns. Transport charges are in detailed in the Fees Structure. Transport is also availed to residential students on weekends only on pay basis. This information will be availed to those interested.

 Cleaning Services: The University offers cleaning services for outdoors and common areas within the hostels. Students however clean their own rooms.

 Important Information:

  • Room booking for student’s events and meetings are done through our Inventory Office- Administration Wing.
  • Borrowing University items like project cameras etc are also done through the inventory office.
  • Students’ are not allowed to share their room keys nor accommodate non-resident students.
  • Male students are prohibited from entering the girl’s hostels and vise-versa.
  • Boarding students are expected to be in their rooms by the curfew time, 11PM


For enquiries contact us on Email:  | or call 0709 972 000.


Ms. Carol Mwangi
University Services Manager


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