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Proposal Submission  Guidlines

Submitting an Application

The Daystar University Ethics Review Board (DU-ERB) receives research proposals for Ethical Review from applicants through the ERB Centre housed within the university’s Directorate of Research.

All researches, except low-risk undergraduate research, must obtain approval from DU-ERB or any other Ethics Review Board/Committee accredited by NACOSTI.

Application Requirements

An application for review of the Ethics of proposed research should be submitted by a qualified researcher responsible for the ethical and scientific conduct of the study. This is done on a prescribed application form available at the ERB Centre or downloaded from

These requirements will include the following:

  • The application form and its attachments
  • The documents should be written in English [documents written in other languages should be translated into English] at the expense of the applicant.
  • There shall be a fee for the review of every proposal which shall be determined from time to time by Daystar University ERB. The current charges are as follows:-

Payment is to be made to the ERB Research center and a copy of the receipt attached to the application form.

Payment of review fees can be done through:-

  • Direct deposits to Daystar University accounts (visit the university website for the bank account details)
  • Mpesa (Preferred) ▪ Lipa na mpesa 
    ▪ Paybill 
    ▪ Business no. 209800 
    ▪ Account no. ERB followed by your name 
    ▪ Amount: add Ksh. 50 to the review fee amount for bank transaction charges.

  • The deadline for submission of the application is 14 days prior to the next scheduled meeting.
  • The acknowledgement of the application shall be communicated to the applicant within reasonable time.
  • Where the DU-ERB requests supplementary information or changes to documents from the applicant, such information should be provided to the ERB within 14 days of such request
  • Where clarification is sought and researchers fail to respond within 14 days, DU-ERB will send a reminder and allow a further 7 days period for response. Beyond this period, the application file will be closed.
  • A researcher may be required to appear before DU-ERB. In such a situation, sufficient notice will be given to the applicant.

Schedule for Submission of Proposals

  • DU-ERB meets every first Friday of every Month except January.
  • The decision of DU-ERB on a project proposal is communicated to the Principal Investigator of the project through the Secretary of the ERB.
  • All communications to the DU-ERB concerning project proposals should be directed to the Secretary of the DU-ERB.