Center for Research, Publications & Consultancy

    The Centre for Research, Publications and Consultancy & Postgraduate Bureau is mandated by the University charter “to conduct research and encourage the conduct of research which enlarges the province of human knowledge in general and increases the effectiveness of the church in particular.”

    The Centre seeks to fulfill an important aspect of the University’s mission as an academic and a research institution.


The Daystar University Charter recognizes research as an integral part of the University’s mission, objectives and functions. The University aims at providing Christian-based higher education training and research for the expansion of God’s Kingdom in Africa and the world. Based at the University’s Nairobi Campus, the Centre primarily has three functions namely:


Academic research: The Centre promotes research among Daystar University Staff and Faculty by administering the University research funds and providing training in research methodology


Publications: The Centre publishes Perspectives, an academic journal of the University twice a year and undertakes publication of books written by staff and faculty and editing of manuscripts


Consultancy: The Centre undertakes consultancy with organizations, Churches and para-church organizations.

The Center is based on Nairobi campus.