Jubilation as Nairobi Campus Communication Studio is dedicated

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Thursday, 17th June 2021, was a day of great celebration as Daystar University dedicated the new Communication Studio at the Nairobi Campus.

HoD MFS receive the Shine FM plage from Mark Seignius
HoD MFS receive the Shine FM plage from Mark Seignius

During the thanksgiving service, the Vice-chancellor Prof. Laban P. Ayiro thanked the donors for responding generously to the appeal he made during his first Daystar US Board meeting back in 2019.

“I remember the voices of Steve and Eloise saying, ‘We’ve got to give the VC something to take back home,’” he noted.

During the meeting, Daystar US Board members donated Kes12 Mill on the spot while the University of Northwestern in St. Paul’s Minnesota donated studio equipment.

Prof. Ayiro recalled his meeting with Prof. Alan Cureton, President of the University of Northwestern, who responded, “I’ll see what I can do”, to his plea for support.

“When I look at the new equipment here today, I struggle to keep my emotions in control,” said Prof. Ayiro during the studio dedication and thanksgiving service.

HoD MFS receive the Shine FM plage from Mark Seignius

The new studios were jointly unveiled by Daystar Company Board Chairman, Rev. Dr. Matthews Mwalw’a, former Faculty member Dr. Mutheu Talitwala representing the first Vice-chancellor Prof. Stephen Talitwala, and Daystar Founder Rev. Dr. Donald Smith.

Dr. Mutheu Talitwala recollected her visit to the University of Northwestern many years back and was grateful for the long-standing relationship between Daystar and University of Northwestern.

“The history of Daystar is a small beginning that God has greatly magnified” she said, recalling how Daystar University studio started with a cable that passed over trees from one building into the dining hall for students to broadcast.

Giving a sermonette from Luke 17:12-16 on the story of 10 lepers, the Daystar Company Board Chairman, Rev. Dr. Matthews Mwalw’a expounded on the importance of thanksgiving.

The team from the University of Northwestern was led by Scott Jones, the Assistant Vice President in charge of Business Operations and Technology, and Mark Seignious, Head of the Communications Department.

Scott Jones complemented Daystar on the quality of its studios and the prowess of Daystar studio technicians in setting up the equipment as the two teams worked together.

As the event approached the end, shouts of joy filled the air as Dr. Mutheu Talitwala and Rev. Dr. Matthews Mwalw’a unveiled the plaques, while the Daystar Founder Rev. Dr. Don Smith cut the ribbon to the new Communication studio.

The University of Northwestern representatives also presented the plaque for the Shine FM Radio to the HOD, Department of Media and Film Studies Dr. Beatrice Mbogoh, for mounting at Shine FM studios at the Main Campus, Athi River.

DLPDI pioneers Chinese Class Since Tuesday, 8th June 2021, fifteen KCSE Ex-candidates students have been attending the pioneer Chinese class at Daystar Nairobi Campus. Chinese as a foreign language is a new module taught in this year’s Destiny Ex-candidates program offered by the Daystar Leadership and Professional Development Institute (DLPDI) programme. The class which is part of the DLPDI 3-month programme for students who completed their secondary school education in 2021 is facilitated by Ms. Juliet Gachago. The Chinese class takes place every Tuesday from 8am.

According to the Ag. Director of DLPDI, Mrs. Jane Irungu, the Directorate wanted to offer something different to the Ex-candidates in addition to other lifeskills courses that they learn in the Ex-candidates programme. She mentioned that there is a lot of business going on between Kenya and China, hence knowledge in Chinese language would give the students an edge when opportunity presents itself.