Sergeant Boniface Kyalo Muthini appears before the National Police Service Commission vetting panel on May 25, 2016 at the Kenya School of Government in Mombasa. The officer was taken to task over M-Pesa transactions of close to Sh100 million since 2012.

The police department continued to unfold shocking corruption cases on Thursday as it emerged that an officer transacted more than Sh35 million on his M-Pesa account in one year. A panel of the National Police Service Commission was shocked to learn that Sergeant Boniface Kyalo Muthini had transacted close to Sh100 million through his M-Pesa account since 2012.  the officer in charge of crime investigations at the

The officer in charge of crime investigations at the Rabai Police Station in Kilifi County, Mr. Muthini, could not account for the huge sums in and out of his M-Pesa account. “That is a lot of money to be handled by yourself alone,’’ commission chairman Johnstone Kavuludi told the officer. However, in his defense, Mr. Muthini said all his financial transactions are done through M-Pesa, because he worked far from his home. “I also received a loan from the police SACCO in 2013, which was almost a million shillings. I transacted it all through M-Pesa. I have used M-Pesa to pay for most of my work since I work far from home and wouldn’t make it there every now and then.” Several M-Pesa transactions also took place between senior and junior officers, something the policemen found difficult to explain.