7.3 billion People occupying the planet earth despite worldwide measures to reduce this number, otherwise some countries think the opposite, countries like Germany, Russia, apparently they even have a holiday whereby if a child is given birth on Russia Day (June 12), the parents are warmly presented with gifts and even payment of 13,000US Dollars. What if all of this lost sense and time stops and life on earth ends.

Those who have gone or in better terms died none of them has come back and told us what waits for us when the soul segregates. All over the world, people spread their illusions, fantasies, dreams, thoughts about the aftermath that spreads like wildfire and some follow blindly and fill their heads with such imaginations that they carry with them until the time their clock stops ticking.

As much as Christians are for revelation, Muslims too share the thought of heaven and hell some even believe that when they die at war they’ll be greeted with seven virgins, the Hindus believe that there is no God waiting to decide where your soul belongs, pagans, it’s like everything goes dark and you stay asleep in the dark forever.


With all these differences the best thing to do is not to worry about the aftermath but cherish the moments we stay alive. As most of the people are in the battle to be rich and have power, some see the good and the bad in humanity and still spread more peace, love and happiness, maybe we should all wake-up and listen to them as we wait for apocalypse. You never know where and when it might catch up with you, but if it does, you better be smiling knowing the life you lived was worth it.

Written by: Newton Adika

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