To all my esteemed readers many thanks for always being on the watch out on my next articles. However today we want to know whether to ship in or to ship out or even better we want to establish whether or not it is worth sailing along or no reason at all of being on board.

Life is a series of different occurrences structurally combined and framed beautifully into the frame called days and apparently each and everyone has there own frames with different stories underneath their frames, lets call it humanity. Whether we accept the fact or not by the end of the day we are the ones who actually determine how we want our frames to look like.

Let me drive the point home a little bit more into the literal perspective, day in day out we find ourselves in very different and autonomous occurrences, others excellent others really disastrous , sometimes pure love and bliss but at other times dark hatred that’s within. Sometimes the tunnel might be full of light not just at the end other times it may be pitch dark, long and full of terrors. My intellect readers you know must be getting a glimpse of what it is that I am driving home.

Friends of the intellectual age you have what it takes to frame your lives into the most beautiful and amazing frames but just like everything else there is always a price to pay. So the question is are you willing to ship in or ship out for sure enough you already are on board. THE CHOICE IS YOURS!!




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