Everyone constantly wants to progress in their lives and to see the world become a better environment to live in. It becomes very stressful thinking about all the vices that are going in the world, making you feel like you are very helpless. The worldview of many is that you were born to just survive; I strongly disagree with this because I am sure that God did not make people just to survive. We are born to live and to enjoy life. That said we undoubtedly can’t ignore the fact that there are so many things going on in the world that are very displeasing and we really want to see a changed world.


One thing that many people forget though is the fact that each of us is an agent of change. In order for the world to improve and become a better place, it is as a result of a collective agreement of changed people who want to change the world. It would be very ironical for us to say that we want to see a changed world yet we do nothing to become better people. Whenever a person progresses in their life then they are able to influence the people around them to do the same as they are leading by example and in the end it causes a ripple effect changing a larger population. For example in our country we should stop complaining about how corrupt our government has become if we ourselves still participate in corruption even in the smallest ways available.

It may be easier said than done but good things are not always easily achieved. But the end results will definitely justify the means. Let us challenge ourselves to try and impact ourselves positively first then we can reach out to someone else.

Written By:Sharon Ngugi

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