School of Communication, Arts and Humanities holds a meeting

School of Communication, Arts and Humanities held a meeting today 16th September 2015 at the Amphi theatre, Daystar Athi River. The meeting was designed to allow students to have an interactive session with the Deans and various Heads of departments  (HOD) whereby students were to air out issues affecting their academics.

“I represent DUSA government in the post of Academics and Vice chair. Today’s meeting was basically just to have delegations of duties and interactions among the faculty and students”, Sylvia Njuma, the Vice Chair of Daystar University Students Association (DUSA) commented.

However, it was unfortunate that the expected Deans and HOD’s did not show up for the general meeting and the turnout of students was also alarming despite the meeting being communicated on time and posters being pinned on noticeboards. Njuma apologised on behalf of DUSA, following her decisions to carry on the meeting without the faculty.

“I honestly do not know the reason why the HOD’s and the Deans didn’t come. I communicated to all the schools via Email and only the school of  Engineering, Science and Health apologised that they would be having an academic trip to Coast on this day,” Njuma lamented.

Nevertheless, the Vice chair promised to organise another departmental meeting and hoped that it would be successful with the the students turning out in good numbers  while at the same time be responsible by propagating the information.

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