Every minute and second
You pop up in my brain, crazy
I guess it’s because you and me are bound
Hello there! Pretty lyrics
I enjoy memorizing you
I wouldn’t compare you to Physics
Because in my brain you stick like glue
Most people call you music
To me you’re more than just that
You heal my soul when it’s “sick”
And at the end of the day, I always appreciate that
Music everywhere I go
I can’t help but tap my feet
Music how I love you so
I fancy the language you speak
You never disappoint, no!
You satisfy my soul in all ways
From hiphop to jazz and rock oh!
My soul will crave for you always
Music doctor of my soul
In existence since the days that were ancient
Listening to you is my daily goal
I will forever be your patient

Written By: Anthea Kioko

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