It’s cold in my heart

And I can’t stay alert

As the thirst of a hart

So is my freedom’s thirst

My heart is heavy with tears

My heart is “frailed” with fears

As bitterness grows with years

And how to let go I don’t know

I have the solution

But I’m wrapped in confusion

Knowing not how to draw the conclusion

As I can’t hear the still small voice

Who will from within my heart draw?

Who will all my fears know?

And who will melt its snow?

To restore the warmth I had within?

My heart fails me

My thoughts drain me

And I think maybe I just can’t be

That which I want to be,

That which I see

Where do I run to for help?

From where should I seek soul-heath?

Whence is my rest?

I will call upon your name

From there comes my help

I will listen to your voice

In it is the word I need to heal

And I will rest in your embrace

In it shall I be warm

For this you have promised.

By Brendah Rajwayi

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