It is surely not their very first time to give us a spell binding collaboration. These two talented youngsters have most definitely proved that they have what it takes to stay afloat with what the music industry demands, and especially in our local setting. Who are we putting on the spot today? Well, Mr. Seed and his brother Bahati are back at it again with banging hot and new track called Kumbe Kumbe. This is notably not the very first time that they have worked on a number together. In 2013 they dropped “Wangu” and now we have “Kumbe kumbe” from this crème of our local talent. The pair was at a Kiss FM interview in the breakfast show where they publicized the song. Mr. Seed resounded that he had worked on the track before however; he needed Bahati’s extra-extra to consummate the final project.

The song is a testament of the revelation that God is good and that when he comes into one’s life, every other thing ceases to make sense or becomes of a lesser ranking priority. And the video is amazing; it is a very simple video with the two doing their thing and some few dancers dancing to the good tune.  Bahati managed to launch his new music label and studio, named EMB records; this video could not have slid without making sure that the EMB logo was seen in the background (if the plan was to hide it, then, major flop because we saw it).

Meanwhile, he continues to play it cool and under the radar with his alleged girlfriend or should I say “PRAYER PARTNER” as he likes to put it. The story in the air is that he is seeing the beautiful lass called Diana Marua, who Bahati confirmed to have met her online. It is rather unclear what “praying” means in this context, however we know that the games will not last a life time- it will soon come out and we shall be singing along to his song Kumbe Kumbe.

Written By: Anne Wanyoike

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