Many times when we sin we tend to have negotiations with God. I feel like we really expect God to understand and to pardon us simply because we are human. The truth is each and every one has the sinful nature in them hence time and again we tend to fall short and miss the mark. However, once that has happened, the way we respond to that is all that matters. We can choose to just sit on the floor and grumble about all the situations around us or the other side of the coin would be to rise up, dust off your clothes and move on swiftly. The grace of the Lord abounds even more where there is sin because it is at this place that we need it the most.


God is so merciful that He sent His only son to die for us on the cross at Calvary. That really touches my heart although the fact that Jesus was fully human will never stop amusing me. He lived a life just like the one we live, he would get tired, he would sleep, he would get thirsty and so much more similar to the things we go through every other time. To make matters worse we see that even Christ himself was tempted by the devil time and again yet he did not sin. This sure gives me the motivation to stay steadfast with God because it may seem impossible but it is doable, we can live a life that is pure with the help of God if only we fully submit ourselves to Him. Once this happens, His thoughts become our thoughts and his heart and mind we can easily connect with.


Whenever great temptations come my way I encourage myself in the Lord because he can relate with me as he went through the exact same things. Knowing this it is a reminder each time I am in that situation that I can overcome it all; on that cross he said it was finished hence once you accept Christ he takes over your life and the devil no longer has his footstool with you. You become an overcomer of every temptation that comes your way you trample on it like scorpions. That being said we no longer use ignorance as an excuse because we are aware that even when we are tempted our escape route is Jesus.


Hebrews 4:15-“For we do not have a high priest who is unable to empathise with our weaknesses, but we have one who has been tempted in every way, just as we are-yet he did not sin”.

Christ fully understands the struggles we go through hence He can relate it is advisable to run to him for help.

Written By: Sharon Ngugi

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