Many a time we have been told or we have told others to keep their circles tight but the question really is do we really know what it is that we are advocating for or has this wise uttering been to much cliché

All in all there is truth in the very same saying in that we all have our circles and how much we are willing to open them up to the people around us is entirely dependent on us. You may or may not have heard of the SOCIAL PENETRATION THEORY, basically a theory perfectly designed to explain to us what it that is entailed in drawing your circles.


In life we tend to meet very many people some entirely beneficial to us others who are there just to ride along due to the services and beneficial factors that we tend to stretch them out to them just to see them comfortable or let me say happy. Not once do we tend to overlook certain factors just to and the benefit of others maybe due to the fear of what people around us may say about us or let me put it as our most recent decisions.

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All in all my dear readers what I am trying to say that we all need to know who is who in our circles.

That will help keep your circle tight.

Written By: Arnold Muli

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