Any day would not be complete if he did not set his eyes on her. It was like a drug just some minimal dose that would go a long way and leave him wanting more and more. Just some few minutes spent with her were the best moments of his life, with her he felt like he was complete. People would always ask him the secret to their ever flourishing relationship, the answer he gave would not satisfy most ears because they would expect something more not just that simple answer. The more the people inquired, the more frustrated they would become because the answer would still be the same old same old.

“It is her Smile.” This could leave so many questions because how would something as simple as a smile have the ability to keep a relationship that beautiful? Till one day when he finally opened up and said that her smile always brought life to him, every time he would hit rock bottom and feel like he could not take it anymore, her smile had the ability to get his moods up till the ceiling; it was his high. Just her dental formula made everything seem easy to achieve, it would lighten up many dark moments and bring a new hope for a brighter future. It was her greatest asset and she sure used it to the maximum. It was unique to her, never had he found another lady that had one such as hers.


If he would put a price to it, it would definitely be a minimum of a billion dollars. Hence he was hell-bent on putting a ring on it because he imagined how beautiful his life would be waking up to that smile each morning. It was all he needed to push him through his day, not the way she walked, talked, dressed, reasoned although these too were a plus because she got that ‘A’ game too but it was just her natural smile. People say that the eyes are the mirrors of the soul but to him he felt like her soul was mirrored through that magical smile. The beauty of it all is the fact that he made it his job to ensure that she was smiling every other time, without any doubt any time she was happy so was he and he loved that.

His story made me believe the fact that a smile is that one curve that has the ability to make anything straight. This undoubtedly is one of the ironies of life. Therefore keep smiling because you never know who is falling in love with that gorgeous smile. KEEP AT IT!

SMILE END Written By: Sharon Ngugi

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  • Miaron Billy

    Beautiful article Sharon. I love it. N sure, a smile can change the world for you.