We all love him, we all adore his music, who am I kidding, I know that I know that I know that our music industry owes at least an appreciation to one musical genius, Juliani who keeps stirring up our conscious into thinking about what is happening around us. He brought us hits like Exponential Potential, Utawala, Barua ya Ocampo just to mention but a few, and now he is back into the powerhouse that he is with his latest single “Machozi ya Jana”.

We will agree that he is very socially, politically and spiritually aware. Juliani’s spits on the M.I.C allude to him as being pretty woke. I call it the M.I.C because he MAKES IT COUNT with every of his artistic self. The reason I say this is because the track record is all over for his activism through his pretty conscious and again woke music. It does not come as a surprise that he would talk about extra-judicial killings, social injustices and fighting for the rights of the police body. It is just but an addition to the whole franchise that he seems to be branded upon, in my opinion a fighter for human rights.

The audio, well ask me what I’m doing with a whole roll of tissue while playing it on replay. The roll of tissue might be a requirement while you sit down to listen to this very emotionally yet beautifully written song, of course the title “Machozi ya Jana” should have been a tell-tell sign that a lot of boohoo was to accompany the song. I cannot wait for the video release.

After listening to it, I am a train wreck, but also, very aware of what state my state is in…..take a listen and be the judge.

Written by: Anne Wanyoike