ICC boss accused of receiving bribe to fix Bashir.

International Criminal Court president is facing calls to resign after allegations that she may have received rewards said to be in millions of dollars to ensure indictment of Sudan presidnet Omar al Bashir, reports the London Evening post.

The funds are alleged to have been channeled through judge de Gurmendi’s accounts by Barting Holdings Ltd, Atlantic corporation, Genesis international Holdings and Napex international, all of which are offshore financial companies.

It is alleged that these funds were made available to judge de Gurmendi during presidents Bashir’s investigations and the ICC was looking for evidence to indict him. ┬áThe scandal has led to Pan African Forum Chief Dr. Dvid Nyekorach Matsang to call upon judge de Gurmendi to resugn from her position.

He added that her resignation would allow proper investigations to take place.

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