By Marion Gachuhi (

I don’t know if it’s just me but I tend to see many campus students making the wrong

decisions knowingly every single day. To be honest, I get pissed off but c’mon, what can I do

to people aren’t willing to listen? They tend to use a slogan, ‘My life, my rules’ that has

actually turned out to be a cliché in their terrible decision-making life. I at times get to

wonder if they just grew up or someone actually took their time to raise them up.

First of all, why would a grown up campus student choose to drink while he/she has an

undone assignment due the next morning or even a CAT! Walks all the way to the exam

room with hangover, looks at the paper, definitely goes blank and submits a half-erroneous-

done paper. Seriously? Maybe you don’t love studying but you have to for the time. It’s all

about sacrifice. Frankly, I don’t love studying but I do study because I am aware and keen of

the consequences. It’s all about getting your priorities straight.

In another light, choosing friends over family is never the right way to go. Sure, you are from

a divorced family, but family sticks together. Your parents surely don’t get along together but

if you look really keen, they do get YOU. You are the centre of attention, that is unless one of

them fled-sorry for that. Family time is important. You don’t substitute family time with

girls’ or boys’ night out. Family builds, molds, supports and encourages you. Family is the

number one thing that stands boldly next to you no matter what happens. So, take your time

investing in it.

Finally, don’t cheat on your partner with ‘karanga ya kuonjeshwa’, don’t invest in friends

who don’t add value to your life, don’t have careless ‘fun’ excusing yourself for being young.

All in all, gain in your 20’s, build in your 30’s and chill in your 40’s.

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