It is a couple of weeks after gospel sensation Eunice Njeri hit the air waves and the internet with the rather saddening and as well as shocking news that she had granted herself and her ex-husband rapper Izzo a divorce that saw the marriage last for only a day. I thought that Kim Kardashian was the title holder of the shortest marriage of up to seventy two days with ex-husband Kris Humphreys but it turns out, she has been dethroned by our very own gospel artist Eunice Njeri. I don’t say this with any ill intention; in fact she herself confirmed that she wanted out of the marriage because she felt that her heart was not in the USA where she got married at but rather, her heart was in Kenya.

Who pops off when such a thing goes down? HASHTAG KOT – Kenyans on Tweeter feel like you owe them every bit of information, they think that it is their job to trash talk and talk smug over everything that goes on in one’s private life. So of course, this was not any exception, the amount of hate and criticism comments that came from the web were appalling.

With all these drama in the air, she hit the studio and dropped a sizzling new jam, “Ameni” like a boss. A lot has been said, but we are yet to hear from the horse’s mouth what exactly went down in her situation, the rest of us can keep getting ministered to by her latest single Ameni.

Written By: Anne Wanyoike

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