Dear Mama, I am writing this letter to you today… Not knowing who and where you are. I would love just to see you and know how you look alike, brush your hair and help you cook dinner or something, but it seems I will never see you because you left me; you abandoned me as a child.

My diary is full of unsent letters to you and my unknown father. As of now am in a children’s home, where I’ve grown and learnt to take care of myself. Mama, I am now turning nineteen but I have no idea when my birthday is…


Mama, why did you abandon me? Where is my father? Who is he? Does he even know I exist?… Life in this place isn’t very easy. We have to depend on the second hand clothes that people give to us, and also food, which isn’t enough for all of us two hundred children in this place.

Not to forget the mattresses… Mine is actually as thin as a leaf, I barely get any sleep at night. Mama…

Why did you decide to leave me here? You left me at the entrance of this children’s home, or so, the head Nun here told me. Well, mama… Wherever you are, I hope that you remember me because I am yearning to see you, but who knows whether you are alive or not… That’s what’s really piercing my heart day-by-day mama… Are you still on this earth?


Your forgotten child

Written By:Anthea Kioko

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