Former MP Peter Kenneth to run for city governer.

Nairobi Jubilee-allied MCAs have now called on former Gathanga MP Peter Kenneth to run for city governor.

They, however, want him to dissolve his National Congress Party and join the newly formed Jubilee Party. Last week, the 2013 presidential aspirant dropped his 2017 bid and announced that he would be vying for a gubernatorial seat and back President Uhuru Kenyatta in his re-election bid. Mr Kenneth, however, declined to state which county he would be vying for, Addressing the Press yesterday in Nairobi, Deputy Minority Leader Chege Ngaruiya urged Kenneth to dissolve his party as a show of his full support for President Kenyatta.

One policeman shot dead in Venezuela’s protest by citizens.

One policeman has been shot dead and dozens of people injured during anti-government protests in Venezuela.

According to a local rights group at least 120 people have been injured and 39 detained countrywide.

The wounded included three people who were shot in the northwestern city of Maracaibo on Wednesday, human rights lawyer Alfredo Romero said on social media, on a day of nationwide protests amid calls for a general strike and a march on the presidential palace in the capital Caracas.

This happened following the protest that erupted against the President, Nicolas Maduro’s government.

ODM wins over three states as Jubilee party wins over one of the four states.

ODM party listed three victories in the four by-elections that were held yesterday. Jubilee party won over one out of the four positions. In the Kalakol by-elections in Turkana county ODM’s Joseph Emuria clinched the win followed by Jubilee’s Nangiro Ekai.

In the Nachenki mini poll ODM’s Naphtal Onkoba won followed by Jubilee’s Maxwell Nyanga Magoma with 1,173 votes. ODM won in Kajiado with Peter Muntemoi Kosei being the winner while in Tana River county Jubilee’s Fauzia Sediq won the salah ward seat by securing 1184 votes.


Congolese opposition against President Joseph Kabila’s third rule probability.

Congolese have overwhelmingly opposed changing the country’s constitution to allow President Joseph Kabila to stand for a third term. They believe that he should step down at the end of his mandate in December, according to a rare opinion poll published on Tuesday.

Democratic Republic of Congo’s ruling coalition and part of the opposition have agreed to delay the vote from this November to April 2018, citing difficulties enrolling millions of voters. But the country’s main opposition bloc rejects the accord, saying it allows Kabila to cling to power and remove constitutional term limits.

Jubilee Party receives twenty more supportive officials from Bungoma County.

Twenty local Ford Kenya officials in Bungoma County yesterday decamped to Jubilee Party. The defectors from Sirisia constituency led by former Lwandanyi Councilor Robert Wanyera said they had seen the light.

Governor Ken Lusaka, who received them officially in Webuye, asked the group to remain steadfast in their new party because it had their future in mind. He also said only the Jubilee government was able to handle people’s issues effectively.

President Uhuru Kenyatta’s defence speech.

President Uhuru Kenyatta has today defended his record in fighting corruption, insisting he had allowed all relevant government agencies sufficient space to deter the crime.

In a speech to an audience attending a corruption summit at State House, President Kenyatta claimed his government has done more than all previous administrations since independence, in fighting graft.

President Vladimir Putin cancels his visit to france.

On Monday, French President Francois Hollande suggested Russia could face war crimes charges over its bombardment of Syria’s second city, Aleppo.

Information regarding whether the postponed visit will take place there  after have not been released or rather been stated yet. Moscow has consistently denied attacking civilians; rather it targets terrorist groups in Syria.

Citizens hope that whatever the outcome that will arise, it may not to deaths of many more civilians.


The opposing party, ODM, in suggestion that the election set dates should be moved

Speaking on Monday, September 26th, Uriri Member of Parliament, Eng John Kobado, said that he had undertaken a keen analysis of the set due dates of the fourth coming elections stating the timeline is too short for all structures to be in place.

He stated that if the country is to have a free and fare election, it should have the dates forwarded to November 2017 as the earliest date for them.

With the looming confusions over the next angle of the electoral commission, Kenyans need to hope and pray for nothing but the best out this.

Former foreign affairs Permanet Secretary Thuita Mwangi mid his campaigns.

Former Foreign Affairs Permanent Secretary Thuita Mwangi has made it official that he will be vying for the Laikipia County governor’s position.

In the company of his security man and driver, Mr Thuita had a one on one moment with the people of Nanyuki during his visit at a food kiosk near the office of the county Commissioner’s office.

Although he is ambitious on vying for the seat, some people deem him unfit for the position due to his involvement in the March 2016 Sh.1.6billion corruption case.

As he is busy campaigning, some citizens want him to explain how he will change the county if elected as the governor.


Could Hillary Clinton be losing her popularity?



The U.S democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton held a new conference in the presence of her campaign plane in White Planes.

The forth coming us presidential elections are in much anticipation as the top two candidates, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump face a major drift in there campaigns.

Hillary Clinton is continuously losing support at a very alarming rate regardless of her being on the lead.

According Trump has gained ten electoral votes to stand at 164. However the winning candidate will need at least 270 electoral votes which represents just above half of the 538 electoral votes.