Because of what He said

I seek to hear Him speak

For His words are at the peak

With no chaff to pick

Doing wonders in a nick

And giving salvation to the meek

Because of what He said

Down my all I laid

Running desperately for aid

When I was way-laid

Knowing for my salvation He paid

Amidst confusion, me He got

In haughtiness, me He caught

In ignorance, He taught

Because of what He said, I note

All battles, for me He has fought

As His words light my wick

I use them to command my week

Remembering to strengthen the weak

For it is what they give a tick

It doesn’t fail to give a kick

By Brendah Rajwayi


Author; Brenda Lagat

It’s 4.00 AM in the morning, in my room tossing and turning on my bed unable to sleep. Well this is not like me because I have a beautiful relationship with my bed, I do love my sleep, yeah that is just me. My dad always tells me that “niliolewa na usingizi” that is Swahili for “got married with my sleep”, but that is not really the case. “But why?”  A question that constantly kept ringing on my mind but well who could answer me. I lay on my bed staring on my ceiling slowly shifting and walking my eyes through every single thing that was in that room as if it were my first time to be there. The clock hanging loose on my wall ticking slowly reminding me of what time it was and what I would be doing, of course I would be sleeping but that night just decided to rob off my sleep. For a moment I wished that I was there with my three sisters since I would disturb them to waking up hence would not have to suffer the agony of staying awake all alone at night, hehe I know this is mean but  that is what they get for being my sisters. People call us the four musketeers, sounds cheeky but I think it’s because we are inseparable. So anyway I decide to venture on a solitude time taking advantage of the moment.

Who am I and what is my identity? This is where it all started; well most of us always mistake this question with our profession and what they are doing missing out the real point. This clearly points out that most us haven’t really understood who we are because we have created so many versions of ourselves. If you are in a hurry to go somewhere, you may not worry about leaving your room wearing a mismatched socks, without brushing your hair or putting on your make up. But what if other people could see beyond your physical appearance and the open areas in your life that they know and look at your insecurities, pride, shame or your pain.

Many of us have just created masks to hide our thoughts and feelings and present an image that we hope will improve our worth to people and by this  we end up losing the real us. Sometimes we try so much to become like other people because we so much admire their pathway which looks easy, simple and beautiful than ours but just take a moment and pose a question to yourself, do you think they just woke up to find themselves there, the answer is a total NO, It had to take a process, a process that requires discipline and patience and is not just an easy road as it seems. Most of the times we bury our personal lives deeper and deeper with every single lie, denial of reality and pretence. I once was personally here, where I didn’t really understand who I was and well I can say that my life was a total lie. I always did things to please people and I always wanted to show people that I was feeling okay even when I wasn’t really okay, I smiled when deep within me was crying. I got tired of all these and I decided that enough was enough and I decided to walk out of mask and be real with myself. You got to be tired too , are you tired of always pretending to be someone that you are not, are you tired of pretending that you are okay when you are really not, then you need to get rid of that masquerade and stop exchanging your life for a performance. Realize the price of the masks you wear which costs your happiness and robs you the chance to be you. Understand the price you are branded with, discover your purpose and acknowledge you.

Get rid of that masquerade and enjoy the beauty of the real you for there are no more shade


By; Brenda Lagat

Once there was a man who had a son that he loved very much. The man worked as a bridge master for the railroad. His son loved to watch the trains and the people who traveled in them, people who were lonely, angry, selfish, hurting and addicted. A tragic mistake happened. The train was approaching fast and the bridge was open. The father was not on the lookout and therefore decided to help pull the lever so that the bridge could close, but it was too much for him, it was too heavy for him to pull the lever. The father then looked and he saw the train approaching fast as his son tried to help. He called out for his son but no, it was too late; the son fell into the bridge. This leads to terrible choice, allow everyone on the train to die or pull the lever and allow his son to be crushed by the bridge. Wow! This is a tough situation enough to make someone lose their mind. The father decides, he turns away as he closes the bridge knowing well that he has lost his very own son.

This story reminds me of God’s love for us, at his throne he saw how human beings were perishing in their sin, pain, rejection, addiction and you know what?  just like the bridge master he made a tough decision. He ransomed his son for us to live, for us to experience life in abundance. It was all for love, all for love the father gave for it’s only love that could make a way.

John 3:16 “For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son, that whosoever  believeth in him should not perish but have everlasting life.”

This is a story of love, a perfect love story like no other. He died for us that we could have a personal and an intimate relationship with him. God is a gentleman and he will take care of you if you allow him, he cannot force himself on you. The question is do you want him to take care of you? Well, take your position as a son in the kingdom and experience a love like no other.


Yet another year is coming to an end signalling the beginning of another one. I look outside the window to try and see exactly what I have achieved the last 365 days. Coincidentally, last year a time like this I was at that window trying to formulate a list of resolutions that I was targeting to achieve this year sadly the notebook where I penned them down got lost somewhere along the way. Well a couple of things I have achieved but not in the way I thought would work out for me. Indeed life has a way of bringing surprises every time. Regardless of all the times I have failed this year, there is one lesson that I am looking to carry through this coming year and for the rest of my life.

Baby, just live a little. Many times we focus too much on what the society expects us to do with our lives we seldom take some time out to figure out what it is we want for ourselves. I was hell-bent on making people around me so comfortable that without knowing I turned into a people pleaser. Luckily this year I realised that the same people will be there to cheer you on whenever what you are doing is benefiting them or making them happy but the moment that ceases you no longer have a cheering squad on your race track of life.

It is a sad reality that these same people will be absent when you are crying yourself to sleep because you are rarely happy. This year has taught me to leave all these structures behind me and to just focus on me; I have learned that in order to be genuinely happy you have got to be just a little bit selfish. You have got to think more about yourself and where you want to go in your life. The older I grow the more I realise that I don’t actually need to be a people pleaser so as to make friends. It is clear that in life there are seasonal friends and there are those who are for a life-time. Once you are aware of this then you know that those who are meant to stay in your life will stay regardless of the season that you are at hence just live a little.

This year looks promising; I am so excited because I have a gut feeling that it is going to be a good year. I have decided that whenever I feel exhausted I will just take some time off and just rest. Rest is divine and in this 21st century that is something that we always forget. I will have moments when I just have my quiet time and just think about what I want to do and where God wants me to go. He alone has my best interests at heart. I laugh more, I love more, I dream more, I dance more, I travel more, I talk louder.

I have realised that unless I love myself and put myself first nobody else will do that for me. Hence this year I am coming in with no resolutions because I want to do things a bit differently. That said my mantra for the whole year will just be spread your wings fly and always remember to live.

Written By: Sharon Kagugi


It is a couple of weeks after gospel sensation Eunice Njeri hit the air waves and the internet with the rather saddening and as well as shocking news that she had granted herself and her ex-husband rapper Izzo a divorce that saw the marriage last for only a day. I thought that Kim Kardashian was the title holder of the shortest marriage of up to seventy two days with ex-husband Kris Humphreys but it turns out, she has been dethroned by our very own gospel artist Eunice Njeri. I don’t say this with any ill intention; in fact she herself confirmed that she wanted out of the marriage because she felt that her heart was not in the USA where she got married at but rather, her heart was in Kenya.

Who pops off when such a thing goes down? HASHTAG KOT – Kenyans on Tweeter feel like you owe them every bit of information, they think that it is their job to trash talk and talk smug over everything that goes on in one’s private life. So of course, this was not any exception, the amount of hate and criticism comments that came from the web were appalling.

With all these drama in the air, she hit the studio and dropped a sizzling new jam, “Ameni” like a boss. A lot has been said, but we are yet to hear from the horse’s mouth what exactly went down in her situation, the rest of us can keep getting ministered to by her latest single Ameni.

Written By: Anne Wanyoike


Every minute and second
You pop up in my brain, crazy
I guess it’s because you and me are bound
Hello there! Pretty lyrics
I enjoy memorizing you
I wouldn’t compare you to Physics
Because in my brain you stick like glue
Most people call you music
To me you’re more than just that
You heal my soul when it’s “sick”
And at the end of the day, I always appreciate that
Music everywhere I go
I can’t help but tap my feet
Music how I love you so
I fancy the language you speak
You never disappoint, no!
You satisfy my soul in all ways
From hiphop to jazz and rock oh!
My soul will crave for you always
Music doctor of my soul
In existence since the days that were ancient
Listening to you is my daily goal
I will forever be your patient

Written By: Anthea Kioko


It is surely not their very first time to give us a spell binding collaboration. These two talented youngsters have most definitely proved that they have what it takes to stay afloat with what the music industry demands, and especially in our local setting. Who are we putting on the spot today? Well, Mr. Seed and his brother Bahati are back at it again with banging hot and new track called Kumbe Kumbe. This is notably not the very first time that they have worked on a number together. In 2013 they dropped “Wangu” and now we have “Kumbe kumbe” from this crème of our local talent. The pair was at a Kiss FM interview in the breakfast show where they publicized the song. Mr. Seed resounded that he had worked on the track before however; he needed Bahati’s extra-extra to consummate the final project.

The song is a testament of the revelation that God is good and that when he comes into one’s life, every other thing ceases to make sense or becomes of a lesser ranking priority. And the video is amazing; it is a very simple video with the two doing their thing and some few dancers dancing to the good tune.  Bahati managed to launch his new music label and studio, named EMB records; this video could not have slid without making sure that the EMB logo was seen in the background (if the plan was to hide it, then, major flop because we saw it).

Meanwhile, he continues to play it cool and under the radar with his alleged girlfriend or should I say “PRAYER PARTNER” as he likes to put it. The story in the air is that he is seeing the beautiful lass called Diana Marua, who Bahati confirmed to have met her online. It is rather unclear what “praying” means in this context, however we know that the games will not last a life time- it will soon come out and we shall be singing along to his song Kumbe Kumbe.

Written By: Anne Wanyoike


Just like Solomon., asking God for wisdom was the wisest thing that anyone could. This is because He had gotten to discover that with wisdom there is nothing that you can’t accomplish in this life. Many times we are running around chasing to try and make our lives better but until we realize that without wisdom there is nothing much we can do,  then we will always be.

Many times we are running around chasing to try and make our lives better but until we realize that without wisdom there is nothing much we can do,  then we will always be on that rat race. Since the beginning of the year I have been reflecting a lot on friends. I got to the conclusion that there is a lot of fake people out here. It is very hard to find genuinely nice people out  here. This automatically means that if we are good people we will get hurt a lot but that is not the point here. Regardless of the fact that most people are just fake, you can dare to be that difference, dare to be good straight from the heart. Then life will become better for each and everyone that crosses paths with you and in the long run: the world becomes a better place.. Just a disclaimer,  just because you are good to people does not mean they will be good to know but be good anyway!

It is very hard to find genuinely nice people out here. This automatically means that if we are good people we will get hurt a lot but that is not the point here. Regardless of the fact that most people are just fake, you can dare to be that difference, dare to be good straight from the heart. Then life will become better for each and everyone that crosses paths with you and in the long run: the world becomes a better place.Just a disclaimer,  just because you are good to people does not mean they will be good to know but be good anyway!

Just a disclaimer,  just because you are good to people does not mean they will be good to know but be good anyway!

Written By: Sharon Kagugi


Dear Mama, I am writing this letter to you today… Not knowing who and where you are. I would love just to see you and know how you look alike, brush your hair and help you cook dinner or something, but it seems I will never see you because you left me; you abandoned me as a child.

My diary is full of unsent letters to you and my unknown father. As of now am in a children’s home, where I’ve grown and learnt to take care of myself. Mama, I am now turning nineteen but I have no idea when my birthday is…


Mama, why did you abandon me? Where is my father? Who is he? Does he even know I exist?… Life in this place isn’t very easy. We have to depend on the second hand clothes that people give to us, and also food, which isn’t enough for all of us two hundred children in this place.

Not to forget the mattresses… Mine is actually as thin as a leaf, I barely get any sleep at night. Mama…

Why did you decide to leave me here? You left me at the entrance of this children’s home, or so, the head Nun here told me. Well, mama… Wherever you are, I hope that you remember me because I am yearning to see you, but who knows whether you are alive or not… That’s what’s really piercing my heart day-by-day mama… Are you still on this earth?


Your forgotten child

Written By:Anthea Kioko


We all love him, we all adore his music, who am I kidding, I know that I know that I know that our music industry owes at least an appreciation to one musical genius, Juliani who keeps stirring up our conscious into thinking about what is happening around us. He brought us hits like Exponential Potential, Utawala, Barua ya Ocampo just to mention but a few, and now he is back into the powerhouse that he is with his latest single “Machozi ya Jana”.

We will agree that he is very socially, politically and spiritually aware. Juliani’s spits on the M.I.C allude to him as being pretty woke. I call it the M.I.C because he MAKES IT COUNT with every of his artistic self. The reason I say this is because the track record is all over for his activism through his pretty conscious and again woke music. It does not come as a surprise that he would talk about extra-judicial killings, social injustices and fighting for the rights of the police body. It is just but an addition to the whole franchise that he seems to be branded upon, in my opinion a fighter for human rights.

The audio, well ask me what I’m doing with a whole roll of tissue while playing it on replay. The roll of tissue might be a requirement while you sit down to listen to this very emotionally yet beautifully written song, of course the title “Machozi ya Jana” should have been a tell-tell sign that a lot of boohoo was to accompany the song. I cannot wait for the video release.

After listening to it, I am a train wreck, but also, very aware of what state my state is in…..take a listen and be the judge.

Written by: Anne Wanyoike