MP’s question over parliaments security

Mp,s have raised concerns over handling of security at parliament by outsiders.

Rarieda MpNicholas Gumbo on Tuesday wanted to why security personnel in parliament are not from the National Police Service or Kenya Defense Forces.

“The guards were first wearing NYS (National Youth Service) uniforms, then started wearing yellow reflector jackets and now they are in suits. We should be told who these people are and whom they report to,” he said.

Kisii leaders visit Uhuru to discuss development matters

The leaders said their visit was neither political nor was it to declare their political affiliation.

The Kisii leaders visited State House on Thursday in what they said was to discuss development projects.The leaders were led by Kisii Senator Chris Obure and deputy governor Joash Maangi.

We have not defected. As you can see we are a mixture of leaders from many parties and we came here today to discuss issues facing the Abagusii people,” said Mr Obure. He added that he is still the Chairman of ODM pary Kisii branch but if the people of Kisii decide otherwise it will be a matter of discussion.


UN vote on Burundi police force

The UN Security Council is expected on Friday to deploy a UN police force to Burundi to monitor human rights and help quell violence .

France requested a vote on a draft resolution presented two weeks ago to send 228 UN police to the capital Bujumbura for one year. Burundi has said it will not accept more than 50 UN police officers though negotiations are ongoing.

The draft resolution calls for Burundi and all parties to stop and reject any kind of violence. Burundi has been in chaos since President Pierre Nkurunzinza announced that he will run for a third term.

Clinton to be president to all Americans

Clinton has vowed to be president to all Americans whether they voted for her or not. On Thursday she accepted the Democratic Party’s White house nomination. She came out as the champion of the people rejecting Donald Trump’s dark picture of America.

Clinton is the first woman to win the nomination of a major political party and promised to be president for all Americans whether they voted for her or not.

“Some people just don’t know what to make of me,” she said with a frankness that is unusual in American politics.

“The truth is, through all of these years of public service, the service part has always come easier to me than the public part.”

Moi’s grandson accused of stealing daughter’s phone in Nakuru

Moi’s grandson Collins Toroitich Moii, has been charged in a Nakuru court with stealing two mobile phones belonging to his daughter and her friend.

On Wednesday, Mr. Moi denied the charges before magistrate David Kemei. According to the prosecution, the accused stole the gadget while in a dinner meeting at a hotel in Nakuru. He denied the charges saying he had confiscated the phones from the two but later returned them.

ICC boss accused of receiving bribe to fix Bashir.

International Criminal Court president is facing calls to resign after allegations that she may have received rewards said to be in millions of dollars to ensure indictment of Sudan presidnet Omar al Bashir, reports the London Evening post.

The funds are alleged to have been channeled through judge de Gurmendi’s accounts by Barting Holdings Ltd, Atlantic corporation, Genesis international Holdings and Napex international, all of which are offshore financial companies.

It is alleged that these funds were made available to judge de Gurmendi during presidents Bashir’s investigations and the ICC was looking for evidence to indict him.  The scandal has led to Pan African Forum Chief Dr. Dvid Nyekorach Matsang to call upon judge de Gurmendi to resugn from her position.

He added that her resignation would allow proper investigations to take place.

Chaos as five schools burn down dorms on Tuesday night.

On Tuesday night fire razed dormitories in at least five schools, St Patricks Iten, Giakaibii High School, Merti secondary school, Adega mixed secondary in Homa Bay and Stephen Secondary in Narok.

In St Patricks Iten school, the dormitories housing 88 students went up in flames. The school principal Wilson Yego confirmed the incident, he said the fire broke out at about 7.30 P.M.

On Tueday, Merti Muslim Secondary school was on fire in Isiolo county. According to Merti Sub-county commissioner Julius Maiyo, the fire incident is suspected to have been started by form four students due to sit for their mocks on Wednesday.

In Homa Bay and Nyeri,there were no injuries but student properties were destroyed among the items include mattresses, blankets and other personal effects.

Raila Odinga set to leave the country today for tours in the US and UK

Cord leader Raila Odinga is set to leave the country today for tours in the US and UK. In his tour in the US he is set to attend the National Democratic Party Convention in Pennsylvania’s largest city Philadelphia where former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton will crowned the presidential candidate to set off against Donald Trump in the November elections.

Dennis Onyango, Mr. Odinga’s spokesman said that the opposition leader will travel from the US to the UK where he is scheduled to give a lecture at the  at Chatham House on the importance of democracy in Africa with a focus on Kenya’s experience. Mr. Onyango says that Raila will interact with policy makers, diplomats, civil society representatives among others at the Chatham House.

War veterans attack on Mugabe’s Reign

Zimbabwe’s war veterans surprise attack  on president Mugabe signals the beginning the beginning of the end for the long-time leader, already under pressure from population angry over worsening economic woes.

War veterans decried Mugabe’s dictatorial tendencies and vowed to withdraw their support if he re-runs in 2018 elections. During a meeting last week, the war veterans said their relationship with Mr. Mugabe was seriously damaged.


President Kenyatta and Vice president William Ruto to tour western Kenya.

President Uhuru Kenyatta and Deputy president William Ruto are set to tour western Kenya next month only four days after Cord principal Raila Odinga five day visit to the area. They are expected to set up development projects and woo voters.

The president’s trip will certainly be used to counter Mr. Odinga in which he discredited the Jubilee administration. During his five day tour, Raila Odinga accused the Jubilee administration of neglecting the area, corruption and extrajudicial killings.

Water and irrigation Cabinet Secretary Eugene Wamalwa and Mumias East member of parliament Benjamin Washili said the president will launch development project in the water and education sectors.