Because of what He said

I seek to hear Him speak

For His words are at the peak

With no chaff to pick

Doing wonders in a nick

And giving salvation to the meek

Because of what He said

Down my all I laid

Running desperately for aid

When I was way-laid

Knowing for my salvation He paid

Amidst confusion, me He got

In haughtiness, me He caught

In ignorance, He taught

Because of what He said, I note

All battles, for me He has fought

As His words light my wick

I use them to command my week

Remembering to strengthen the weak

For it is what they give a tick

It doesn’t fail to give a kick

By Brendah Rajwayi



It’s cold in my heart

And I can’t stay alert

As the thirst of a hart

So is my freedom’s thirst

My heart is heavy with tears

My heart is “frailed” with fears

As bitterness grows with years

And how to let go I don’t know

I have the solution

But I’m wrapped in confusion

Knowing not how to draw the conclusion

As I can’t hear the still small voice

Who will from within my heart draw?

Who will all my fears know?

And who will melt its snow?

To restore the warmth I had within?

My heart fails me

My thoughts drain me

And I think maybe I just can’t be

That which I want to be,

That which I see

Where do I run to for help?

From where should I seek soul-heath?

Whence is my rest?

I will call upon your name

From there comes my help

I will listen to your voice

In it is the word I need to heal

And I will rest in your embrace

In it shall I be warm

For this you have promised.

By Brendah Rajwayi


Author; Brenda Lagat

It’s 4.00 AM in the morning, in my room tossing and turning on my bed unable to sleep. Well this is not like me because I have a beautiful relationship with my bed, I do love my sleep, yeah that is just me. My dad always tells me that “niliolewa na usingizi” that is Swahili for “got married with my sleep”, but that is not really the case. “But why?”  A question that constantly kept ringing on my mind but well who could answer me. I lay on my bed staring on my ceiling slowly shifting and walking my eyes through every single thing that was in that room as if it were my first time to be there. The clock hanging loose on my wall ticking slowly reminding me of what time it was and what I would be doing, of course I would be sleeping but that night just decided to rob off my sleep. For a moment I wished that I was there with my three sisters since I would disturb them to waking up hence would not have to suffer the agony of staying awake all alone at night, hehe I know this is mean but  that is what they get for being my sisters. People call us the four musketeers, sounds cheeky but I think it’s because we are inseparable. So anyway I decide to venture on a solitude time taking advantage of the moment.

Who am I and what is my identity? This is where it all started; well most of us always mistake this question with our profession and what they are doing missing out the real point. This clearly points out that most us haven’t really understood who we are because we have created so many versions of ourselves. If you are in a hurry to go somewhere, you may not worry about leaving your room wearing a mismatched socks, without brushing your hair or putting on your make up. But what if other people could see beyond your physical appearance and the open areas in your life that they know and look at your insecurities, pride, shame or your pain.

Many of us have just created masks to hide our thoughts and feelings and present an image that we hope will improve our worth to people and by this  we end up losing the real us. Sometimes we try so much to become like other people because we so much admire their pathway which looks easy, simple and beautiful than ours but just take a moment and pose a question to yourself, do you think they just woke up to find themselves there, the answer is a total NO, It had to take a process, a process that requires discipline and patience and is not just an easy road as it seems. Most of the times we bury our personal lives deeper and deeper with every single lie, denial of reality and pretence. I once was personally here, where I didn’t really understand who I was and well I can say that my life was a total lie. I always did things to please people and I always wanted to show people that I was feeling okay even when I wasn’t really okay, I smiled when deep within me was crying. I got tired of all these and I decided that enough was enough and I decided to walk out of mask and be real with myself. You got to be tired too , are you tired of always pretending to be someone that you are not, are you tired of pretending that you are okay when you are really not, then you need to get rid of that masquerade and stop exchanging your life for a performance. Realize the price of the masks you wear which costs your happiness and robs you the chance to be you. Understand the price you are branded with, discover your purpose and acknowledge you.

Get rid of that masquerade and enjoy the beauty of the real you for there are no more shade


By; Brenda Lagat

Once there was a man who had a son that he loved very much. The man worked as a bridge master for the railroad. His son loved to watch the trains and the people who traveled in them, people who were lonely, angry, selfish, hurting and addicted. A tragic mistake happened. The train was approaching fast and the bridge was open. The father was not on the lookout and therefore decided to help pull the lever so that the bridge could close, but it was too much for him, it was too heavy for him to pull the lever. The father then looked and he saw the train approaching fast as his son tried to help. He called out for his son but no, it was too late; the son fell into the bridge. This leads to terrible choice, allow everyone on the train to die or pull the lever and allow his son to be crushed by the bridge. Wow! This is a tough situation enough to make someone lose their mind. The father decides, he turns away as he closes the bridge knowing well that he has lost his very own son.

This story reminds me of God’s love for us, at his throne he saw how human beings were perishing in their sin, pain, rejection, addiction and you know what?  just like the bridge master he made a tough decision. He ransomed his son for us to live, for us to experience life in abundance. It was all for love, all for love the father gave for it’s only love that could make a way.

John 3:16 “For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son, that whosoever  believeth in him should not perish but have everlasting life.”

This is a story of love, a perfect love story like no other. He died for us that we could have a personal and an intimate relationship with him. God is a gentleman and he will take care of you if you allow him, he cannot force himself on you. The question is do you want him to take care of you? Well, take your position as a son in the kingdom and experience a love like no other.

EX-IEBC Chief Executive Officer,James Oswago Freed On Bail

The former electoral commission chief executive officer was today released on Sh 600,000 bail after being arrested alongside Hamida Ali Kibwana and Trevy Oyombra.

They were earlier arrested by the Anti-corruption detectives over the chickengate scandal that entails the sh 46 million bribe and also the procurement of ballot papers for the 2010 referendum, as well as for the Shinyalu and Bamachoge by-elections.

Donald Trump opposes the acts set by Hillary Clinton

The Republican presidential candidate, Donald Trump has said his rival Hillary Clinton’s foreign policy plan in Syria would trigger World War Three.

He also added that the US should focus on defeating so-called Islamic State rather than removing of Syria’s president.

Mrs. Clinton has proposed a no-fly zone over Syria. The top US military chief has said that could spell conflict with Russian jets in the region.

The Clinton campaign accused Mr. Trump of playing to Americans’ fears.

Mr. Trump also attacked Republicans for not maintaining unity behind his candidacy.

The Clinton campaign dismissed the criticism, saying both Republican and Democratic national security experts have denounced Mr. Trump as unfit to be commander-in-chief.

ODM traitors not welcome back to the party

Opposition MPs who openly expressed their support for the ruling Jubilee coalition have been pulled out of the key Parliament committees.

This move has so far affected seven ODM Members of Parliament who have lost some of their privileges for instance committee sitting allowances.

The rebel MPs are also facing disciplinary proceedings instituted by the party and risk, losing their seats for associating with the Jubilee coalition.

National Assembly Speaker, Justin Muturi yesterday confirmed receiving a letter from CORD discharging members, who had abandoned the opposition and crossed the floor to the ruling coalition.

President Uhuru Kenyatta Calls off his trip to Angola to mourn with Mandera attack victims

12 people were killed by Al Shabab members who attacked a guest house in Mandera. President Uhuru Kenyatta cancelled his trip to Angola in order to condole with the berieved members of the families affected by the attack.

The Deputy President, William Ruto is to represent him in the Security Summit starting today in Luanda, Angola.

In a statement from State House yesterday, President Kenyatta condemned the attack saying the government will do all in its power to bring the perpetrators to justice.
He also sent his deepest condolences to the families and he stands with them at this time of sorrow.

Unity is called for for every Kenyan despite our differences in religion since it is believed that the attack was aided by some of the locals living in Mandera.

Reset of National Examinations

The Education Cabinate Secretary, Fred Matiang’i  stated that both KCPE and KCSE exams that are to be sat by the candidates this year were rest, this was made open when he informed the National Assembly Education Committee since it is an act of curbing of leakages.

This act had to take place since the previous exams were set two years prior to the exams thus there were several cases of the exams leaking and thus candidates would cheat.

He also told the committee that adequate messures have been put in place to avoid any form of leakage.

Measures to avoid leakage were put in place early this year since 11 members of the committee who were believed to be involved in these acts of irregularities were sacked. Candidates are also to sit for their exams once all the schools were closed for the December holidays thus the school heads are left in charge of the management of the exams in their various schools.

The written examination will start on November 7 and run until November 30. Kenya Certificate of Primary Education examinations are on November 1 to November 3.

A total of 577,338 candidates will sit for KCSE examinations in 9,158 centres, while 952,473 candidates will sit for KCPE tests in 26,308 centres across the country.

Five flights cancelled by Kenya Airways today

Five morning flights from Nairobi were today cancelled by Kenya Airways, the flights included of: KQ flights 600 to Mombasa, 432 to Kilimajaro, 350 to Juba, 706 to Lusaka/Harare and 740 to Maputo.

These flights were cancelled after the crew failed to report to work. This also led to the delay of Flight 782 to Livingston/Capetown.

The solution given by the airline is that the passengers on cancelled flights would be re-booked on later flights or alternative airlines.

“Despite our effort to solve the problem by combining several flights, we have made the difficult decision to cancel some as the safety of our guests is paramount,” said KQ.