(Phone rings)… ‘’Hello Taria where are You’’?

‘’I am on my way…I’m past DUPA hostels, kindly wait for me’’ teee!

With my unfit piggy body holding me back… I run towards the PAC as I contemplate about my partners life… how can a man be a man without a man by his side… I stumble on a rock… I almost fell down. I am at The PAC and I call out his name ‘’ BRIAN “  He waves at me as I run towards him as I say sorry for being late.  A blue checked shirt, a khaki short with dusty crocs… he smiles and tells me that we should hurry up with the discussion so he can go back to his girlfriend…

”So tell me about your life…’’ I asked

“I am a 23 year old man who was raised without a father, born in 1993 in Eldoret County. At the age of 4, my father left us reason being…” He was not ready for any responsibilities in his life.

Brian looks down, he starts playing with his yellow pen as he zones out… I am perplexed and I ask myself was this topic really necessary? His probably offended with my questions about his father… who would want their awful past to be brought up to life…


“Are you really comfortable with me writing about this part of your life?’’

Yes, Yes I am… I am fine he says

“My mum molded me into the man I am today with the help of my loving grandfather whose passing was of a great impact to me. Mr. Ngige was the only person who stood by us, helped us financially, kept my mum emotionally on track, kept me sane with a fatherly figure by my side but most importantly he helped us financially…”

In my mind, I have never experienced the love of a grandparent because I was raised by just my two parents… I contemplate on how someone can love you that much despise of not being your parent…

“My mum was working with the Coca-Cola Company at that time, after 3 years of working there…an ordinary secretary with just a diploma decided to quit her job to open up a restaurant in order to raise the bustard son.”

Brian looks down with a bit of sadness assembling in his face…

Should I stop with my questions and let this innocent man go? How can I let him go and I need this grade

He has to face the wrath of a writer….

“After 18 years, my dad decided to come back home…he lured my mother into loving him again and I ended up getting a baby brother and not to my surprise… he left again, living my mother in pain and agony…a “burden” with no work… how would we raise my baby brother?  I will have to be a father.”

images-3                                       Written By: Flavian Taria