DR. EVANS AMATA (eamata@daystar.ac.ke)
1.    The Role of Agency Banking In Improving Financial Access in Kenya: Case Study of Langata Constituency, Nairobi, Kenya




   DR. DANCAN NJAGI IRUNGU (dirungu@daystar.ac.ke)
1.    How Strategic Planning Culture has made Equity Bank remain at the top in Micro Finance Banking in Kenya, Africa and the World
2.    Does Adoption of Information Technology Improve Firm Performance? A Survey of Firms Listed in the Nairobi Securities Exchange
3.    Key Decision Maker as the Determinant of Internationalization of Medium Sized Enterprises; Lessons from Kenya
4.    Determinants of Successful Strategic Plan Implementation; Lessons from the Church Commissioners for Kenya
5.    How Church Owned Businesses Promote Sustainability of the Church; Case of Selected Churches in Nairobi Kenya
6.    How financial literacy affects women economic empowerment: Evidence from Kenya
7.    Does Strategic Planning Improve Organizational Performance? Evidence from Kenyatta National hospital in Kenya
8.    How Resources Influence Medium Sized Firm Movement from Domestic to International Market




   DR. SAMUEL MURIITHI (smuriithi@daystar.ac.ke)
1.    The Relationship Between Emotional Intelligence And Leadership Effectiveness Among Kenyan Indigenous Banks’ Employees
2.    Family Business Founders’ Influence On Future Survival of Small And Medium Sized Family Businesses
3.    An investigation of Challenges facing Christian universities in Kenya: A case study of Pan Africa Christian University, Nairobi, Kenya





   DR. JOANNES KYONGO (jkyongo@daystar.ac.ke)
1.    Firm-Level Institutions And Performance of Companies Listed on The Nairobi Securities Exchange, Kenya
2.    Human Resource Management Bundles And Performance of Firms Listed on The Nairobi Securities Exchange, Kenya
3.    Management Competence and Performance of Firms Listed on The Nairobi Securities Exchange, Kenya
4.    Effect of Interpersonal Competence on Organizational Performance
5.    Effect of Technical Competence on Firm Performance



   PROF. DR. DR. MONI WEKESA (mwekesa@daystar.ac.ke)
1.    A one year prospective study of soccer injuries in the 1992-1993 Kenyan national team
2.    Challenges in regulation of biomedical research: The case of Kenya



   DR. DOROTHY MUTHOKA-KAGWAINI (dmuthoka@daystar.ac.ke)
1.    The Significance of the Finance Manager's role in governing council decisions of Private Chartered Universities in Nairobi and
   its Environs
2.    The Changing Role of Corporate Sustainability Reporting: A Standard Issue
3.    How Efficient is the Kenyan Equity Market: Empirical Evidence from Nairobi Securities Exchange
4.    Work-Family Issues: A Case Study of Daystar University
5.    Overview of Corporate Sustainability Reporting in Environmental Disclosure: Kenyan Case
6.    The Regulators’ Post Implementation of International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS): A Kenyan Case



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