Daystar University is committed to excellence. As a university we know that excellence neither comes naturally nor is it cheap. We are also cognisant that quality cannot be achieved without involving all stakeholders.

    Stakeholders include students, accrediting agencies both locally and internationally, academics and academic institutions, sponsors and parents, employers, and others. The University recognises that attention to quality must be structured and systematic.


This is why the Center for Quality Assurance and Excellence in Teaching and Learning was formed. Among its core activities are to ensure that:

  • Student evaluation is systematic, structured and that it informs improvement of teaching and learning in the University. Student evaluations are done every term.
  • All programs offered at Daystar are accredited with the Commission for University Education (CUE). All programs at Daystar are accredited by the commission. We are the only University in Kenya whose PhD in Communication program is accredited by the CUE
  • Continuous systematic and structured evaluation of programs, internally and externally, followed by implementation of improvement plans based on the evaluation. We work closely with CUE and the Inter-University Council of East Africa (IUCEA).
  • Quality staff through development and implementation of core skills training programs for the teaching staff.
  • Regular tracer studies to ensure graduates are equipped with skills, knowledge and attitude relevant for the industry/market place. This is done in collaboration with the Research, Publications and Consultancy department.
  • Employment of benchmarking of programs with quality institutions locally and abroad.
  • Adherence to standards set by professional bodies. All professional courses at Daystar are accredited by the professional bodies eg Nursing by the Nursing Council of Kenya.