The Department of Collaboration for Excellence in Teaching and Learning (CETL)

    The department of Collaboration for Excellence in Teaching and Learning is Daystar University’s faculty development programme. Born of a desire to promote excellence in teaching to facilitate the best in student learning, the Department was officially established by the University Senate in 2001, but actually began operations in September 2002.


The Department co-ordinates the planning of all faculty development programmes and cultivates new avenues for facilitating the professional growth and development of Daystar’s faculty. The department helps to give faculty development a high priority and reconfirm Daystar’s commitment to doing its best for its faculty, and through them, to its students.

The Academic Division Board acts as the Department’s board. An executive committee responsible for developing programmes and policies of the Department consists of representatives from each Daystar University School and others as may be deemed appropriate.


CETL has six areas of responsibility within the University. All of these areas relate to faculty development.

  1. Orientation of new faculty to the educational philosophy and vision of Daystar University
    The Department conducts orientation workshops for new faculty. During such workshops, new faculty are introduced to the educational philosophy of the University. This includes the integration of faith and learning, teaching students to be critical reflective thinkers, the concept of liberal arts education, and the Christ-Centerd focus of learning at Daystar. The foundational concept of servant leadership is also be inculcated into the lives of these new teachers to facilitate their modelling as well as teaching the idea.
  2. Planning, implementation, and evaluation of faculty development programmes
    In order to help our faculty be all that God intended for them, regularly scheduled faculty development seminars, workshops, and retreats are a central responsibility of the department.
  3. Development, promotion, and co-ordination of further education opportunities for Daystar faculty
    Many Daystar faculty members desire to further their education by earning doctorates or other postgraduate degrees. Doing so not only improves their skills but also greatly enhances the position, standing, and effectiveness of the University as a whole. The department provides resources, aid in the search for institutions and funding, and provides counselling for faculty members interested in knowing their options for further education.
  4. Development, promotion, and co-ordination of faculty exchange programmes with other Christian higher education institutions throughout the world Daystar has many excellent faculty members who would also provide an expanded vision and new perspectives to Christian institutions in the rest of the world. CETL networks with other Christian higher education institutions to develop mutual relationships to allow the exchange of faculty members to enrich the institutions involved.
  5. Development and management of a resource Center for faculty
    The Department is establishing a faculty resource bureau. A growing library of books, journals and other materials will be available for faculty perusal and use. These materials will cater to the academic and professional needs of our faculty. This resource Center also acts as a training facility for small and medium size workshops and seminars.
  6. Publishing a faculty development newsletter
    The department publishes and distributes a newsletter that helps to tie all of the above areas of responsibility together and communicates what is happening to all faculty members.