Library Collections

The libraries have a stock holding of over 40,000 titles and 60,000 volumes of books and audio-visuals, 40 print academic journal titles, 27 magazine titles , more than 3000 volumes of bound periodicals and 2,000 reports, over 1,200 e-journal titles and e-books from several publishers, hosted through Taylor & Francis and E-brary.


Resource Categories

  1. General Collection
    Books in the general collection are loaned for a period of two weeks. All registered patrons can borrow books in this category.

  2. Reserve/ Short Loan
    Each of the three campus libraries houses a reserve collection which is on closed access and is within the Circulation section. This collection is specially selected by the faculty for use by students. Books are borrowed for a period of two hours and are used within the library. Reserve books can be borrowed overnight and returned the following morning. Penalties are levied on defaulters as laid out in the university handbook

  3. Audio-Visual
    These include: audio-cassettes, CDs, DVDs, and VCDs on different subject areas. One of the key resources in this collection is the “Encyclopedia Britannica” - on DVD

  4. Reference Collection
    These are resources for reference purposes only. Resources in this collection are used only within the library. These include dictionaries, atlases, maps, encyclopedias, etc.

  5. Course texts
    These are texts recommended as core texts for different courses. They are housed in the Textbook Loan section and are borrowed for a whole semester.

  6. Serials
    These include journals (both print and electronic), magazines and newspapers. These are housed in the Special Collection section.

  7. Special collection
    These include Africana, reports, government publications, theses and dissertations.

  8. Online Resources




New Books

Recent Additions into the Library Books Collection


New Africana and Special Collection Resources

Recent Additions into the Africana & Special Collection (Available in our Africana and Special Collections sections)


New Textbook Loan Books

Recent Additions into the Textbook Loan Collection (Available in our Textbook Loan Service Areas)


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Recent Theses

Recent Additions into the Thesis Collection (available in the Special Collection sections of the library)