Qualifications Master of Science in Physics
Title Faculty, School of Science, Engineering & Health
Office Department of Science
Ext/Phone +254 722 605 507
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Duration 16 years at Daystar University



Is a lecturer of Physics and Physical sciences in the Department of Science and Engineering of Daystar University. He is currently pursuing doctoral studies in Physics (condensed matter), at the University of Nairobi. He holds a Master of Science in Physics from Egerton University inthe year 1996. Mr. John Nguu has taught University Physics courses for over ten years. John served as the head of Department of Science, from 2007- to 2009 within which time he participated in developing a B.Sc. Physics curriculum for Daystar University.


Mr. Nguu has actively been involved in research. His research interests lies in the development and implementation of renewable energy technologies for solar and biogas energy resources. Research topics include; energy conversion technology, modification of materials for energy conversion, powder coatings and characterization, electrophoretic deposition of thin films, developing composite electrodes for dye-sensitized solar cells and solar panels. In 2010, John secured funding of $ 2,000 from Daystar University for research on biogas generation. His current (2013-present) publications include 6 papers in peer reviewed journals.


Current Publications in Peer Reviewed Journals

  1. Nguu, J. N., Aduda, B. O., Nyongesa, F. W., Musembi, R. J., Njogu, S. M., Mwathe, P.M., Electrical Characterization of Nano-TiO2/Nb2O5 Composite Thin Films Deposited Using Electrophoretic Deposition Technique. International Journal of Innovative Research in Advanced Engineering, 2 (2), 2015, 192-198.

  2. Nguu, J. N., Musembi, R. J., Nyongesa, F. W., and Aduda, B. O., Electrophoretic Deposition of TiO2/Nb2O5 Composite Thin Films for Photovoltaic Applications. Journal of Energy and Power Engineering, 8 (4), 2014, 757-764.

  3. Nguu, J. N., Musembi, R. J., Nyongesa, F. W., and Aduda, B. O., Effect of Process-Related Parameters on Band Gap of Electrophoretically Deposited TiO2/Nb2O5 Composite Thin Films. Africa Journal of Physical Science, 1 (1), 2014, 43-49.

  4. Nguu, J., Ndivo, S., Aduda, B., Nyongesa, F., and Musembi, R., Livestock Farmers’ Perception on Generation of Cattle Waste-based Biogas Methane: the Case of Embu West District, Kenya, Journal of Energy Technologies and Policies, 4(8), 2014, 1-7.

  5. Mwathe, P., Musembi R., Munji, M., Odari, B., Munguti, L., Ntilakigwa, A. A., Nguu, J. N., and Muthoka B. Influence of Surface Passivation on Optical Properties of Spray Pyrolysis Deposited Pd-F:SnO2 International Journal of Materials Science and Applications 3(5), 2014, 137-142


Additional Information

John is proficient in MS Office, Origin, visual basics, Labview, Scirun, SPSS, MATLAB, SCILAB and C++ softwares.

He is a member of Kenya Physical Society, Africa Network of Solar Energy (ANSOLE), Condensed Matter Physics research group (UON), and Center of Excellence in Teaching and Learning (CETL, DU).