Dr. Geoffrey Kinuthia


Qualifications Doctor of Philosophy
Title Senior Lecturer
Office Department of Science & Engineering
Ext/Phone +254 734 705480
Email gkinuthia@daystar.ac.ke
duration 13 Years at Daystar University



A trained and experienced teacher, senior lecturer, and a researcher in areas of medical parasitology and rural community health. Areas of research include biomedical characterization of parasites; evaluation of in vitro andin vivo efficacy of selected medicinal Kenyan plants against leishmaniases; and prevalence of protozoan infections in rural areas versus the residents’ lifestyles or practices and poverty levels.



  • In 2013: PhD in Medical Parasitology (Kenyatta University, Kenya). The PhD project was on “Efficacy of combined crude extracts from Allium sativum, Callistemon citrinus and Moringa stenopetala of Kenya against Leishmania major”. The supervisors were Prof. Ephantus W. Kabiru, Prof. Nicholas K. Gikonyo and Dr. Chris O. Anjili.

  • Master of Philosophy (Mphil) in Medical Parasitology (Moi University, Kenya); The Masters project was on: ‘Characterization of Leishmania-like flagellates obtained from lizards, wild sand flies and spiny mice, using cellulose acetate electrophoresis (CEA) and infectivity studies in experimental mice (BALB/c and Swiss albino) and sand flies (Phlebotomus spp)’. The supervisers were Dr. Chris Anjili, Dr. Moses Ngeiywa and Prof. Bob Wishitemi.



Published Works

  1. C. M. Ndeti, C. Kituyi, M. Ndirangu, J. Ingonga, M. L. Chimbevo, J. O. Ochieng, M. Barasa, G. Kinuthia, E. M. Maina, V. C. S. Nyambati, C. O. Anjili. (2016). Efficacy of combination therapy using extracts of Aloe secundiflora Eng L and Callistemon citrinus William C. in Leishmania major infected BALB/c mice. East African Medical Journal93 (3): 127 – 134.   

  2.  Ngure P. K, Kasili S, Anjili C.O, Karanja R.M, Kaburi J, Mwangi M, Kinuthia G, Kiarie M, Nzau A, Kepha S, Maniania N.K, Ndegwa P.N,  Irungu L, Ngumbi M.P. (2015). Effects of Metarhizium anisopliae on sand fly populations in their natural habitats in Kenya. African Journal of  Health Sciences; 28 (4):398 - 407

  3. Kinuthia K. Geoffrey, Anjili O. Christopher, Kabiru W. Ephantus, Kigondu M. Elizabeth, Ingonga M. Johnny  & Gikonyo K. Nicholas. (2015). Toxicity and efficacy of aqueous crude extracts from Allium sativumCallistemon citrinus and Moringa stenopetala against L. Major. Kabarak Journal of Research & Innovation, (1): 9 – 20, ISSN 2305-784X

  4. Kinuthia, GK., Kabiru, EW., Gikonyo, NK., Ingonga, JM., Kigondu, EM & Anjili, CO. (2014). In vitroactivity of aqueous and methanol extracts of Callistemon citrinus (Family Mrytaceae) against Leishmania majorAfrican Journal of Health Sciences (Afr J Health Sci), 27(2): 118 – 133.

  5. Geoffrey K Kinuthia, Ephantus W. Kabiru, Christopher O. Anjili, Elizabeth M. Kigondu, Veronica N. Ngure, Johnstone M. Ingonga, and Nicholas K. Gikonyo. (2014). Efficacy of crude methanolic extracts ofAllium sativum L. and Moringa stenopetala (Baker F.) Cufod. against Leishmania majorInternational Journal of Medicinal and Aromatic Plants4 (1): 16 – 25.

  6. V. Ngure, T. Davies, G. Kinuthia, N. Sitati, S. Shisia and Oyoo-Okoth (2014). Concentration levels of potentially harmful elements from gold mining in Lake Victoria region, Kenya: environmental and health implications. Journal of Geochemical Explorations. doi.org/10.1016/j.explo.2014.04.004.

  7. Geoffrey K. Kinuthia, Christopher O. Anjili, Nicholas K. Gikonyo, Elizabeth M. Kigondu, Johnstone M. Ingonga, & Ephantus W. Kabiru. (2013).  In vitro and in vivo activities of blends of crude aqueous extracts from Allium sativum L, Callistemon citrinus (Curtis) Skeels and Moringa stenopetala (Baker F) Cufodontis against Leishmania majorInternational Journal of Medicinal and Aromatic Plants3(2): 234 – 246.

  8. Veronica Ngure, Noah Sitati, Silvanus Shisia, Gelas Simiyu, Geoffrey Kinuthia, and Festus Kelonye. (2013). Health Implications of heavy metals in soil, scalp hair and selected food crops within Eldoret Municipality, Kenya. IOSR Journal of Environmental Science, Toxicology and Food Technology (IOSR - JESTFT), e-ISSN: 2319 – 2402, p-ISSN: 2319 - 2399; 7(3): 47 – 55.

  9. Kinuthia, GK., Afolayan, FID., Ngure, V. & Anjili, CO. (2012). Selected practices among rural residents versus the prevalence of Amoebiasis and Giardiasis in Njoro District, Kenya. African Journal of Health Sciences20 (1 – 2): p 10 – 20.

  10. GK Kinuthia., MM Gicheru., PK Ngure. & EW Kabiru. (2012). Lifestyles and Practices that enhance Malaria and Typhoid Fever in Njoro District, Kenya. Journal of Community Health37(1): 224 – 233; doi 10.1007/s10900-011-9440-0.

  11. Ngure Veronica, Simiyu Gelas, Sitati Noah, Kinuthia Geoffrey, & Shisia Silvanus. (2011). Monitoring exposure to heavy metals through maize consumption using human hair among adults in Eldoret Municipality, Kenya. Journal of Technology & Socio-economic Development1(1): 118 – 125.

  12. Kinuthia, GK., Lugalia, FM., Mwanyumba, PJ., Ngeiywa, MM., Wishitemi, BL., Tonui, WK. & Anjili, CO. (2011). Characterization and Comparison of leishmania-like isolates from rodents, lizards and sand flies caught at Masinga location in Machakos District, Kenya. African Journal of Health Sciences18 (1-2): 6 – 13.

  13. Geoffrey K. Kinuthia., Martha W. Kiarie-Makara., Michael M. Gicheru., Ephantus W. Kabiru & Dong-Kyu Lee. (2010). Relationship between control of parasitic infections and poverty levels: A case Study of Njoro District, Kenya. Kosin Journal of Health Sciences20: 77 – 95.



Research Interest


  Title of the research project

  Determination of heavy metals pollution in waste water channels in Nairobi Industrial Area in   Kenya using Culex mosquito larvae as biomarkers

  Principal Investigator

  Dr. GK Kinuthia


  Co - investigators

  Dr. VN Ngure (Laikipia University); Dr. F Ngare (Technical University); Dr. MW Kiarie-Makara   (Daystar University); Ms. FW Gachanja (Daystar University) and Dr. L Kamau (Kemri).

  Source of Funding

  Daystar University



Examining and Thesis Supervision



  July, 2015

  External Examiner for 1 PhD Thesis

  January 2016   External Examiner for I MSc thesis



Additional Information

  • I am a member of the Daystar University Research Committee that reviews research proposals for internal funding;
  • I have developed several Medical Sciences Curricula in the School of Science, Engineering & Health at Daystar University. The programs that are already ongoing and accredited by Commission for University Education (CUE) in Kenya, include BSc Nursing (BScN) and BSc Biomedical Sciences (Bsc BMS).
  • I am currently developing postgraduate MPH program.