The School of Social Sciences houses the Departments of Psychology, Counseling and Child Development; Development Studies and Child Institute. Welcome to the School of Human and Social Sciences whose objective is holistic service to all humankind through Novelty, Quality and Integrity. This is based on Daystar University’s Mission of developing “managers, professionals, researchers and scholars to be effective Christian servant-leaders through the integration of Christian faith and holistic learning for the transformation of church and society in Africa and the World.”

    As a School we are committed to providing holistic education that transforms our graduates to become change agents in the communities and empowers them to free people from their incapacitating limitations. We believe that human beings have the desire to realize their potentials in life and given a chance, they can enjoy fuller lives.


Certificate Programmes (3 Months)

• Child Development

• Child Therapy

• Family Studies

• Contemporary Issues in Family Studies

Diploma Programmes

  • International Relations


Undergraduate Programmes

• Bachelor of Arts

– Psychology & Counseling

– Community Development (Integrated Option)

– Monitoring & Evaluation (NEW)

Postgraduate Programmes

• Postgraduate Diploma in Child Development

• Master of Arts

– Counseling Psychology

Community Development

– Monitoring & Evaluation

– Child Development Programme with concentrations in Integrated Studies, Family Studies and Child Therapy

• Ph.D in Clinical Psychology