Qualifications MA in Sociology
Title Lecturer
Office Department of Development Studies
Ext/Phone 0721452622
Duration 9 years at Daystar University



  • Bachelor of Arts in Sociology from University of Nairobi
  • In 1986: Masters of Arts in Sociology from University of Nairobi


Experience in University Teaching

  • 16 years of teaching experience at Daystar  University


Professional Qualifications

  • On going at Professional Trainers Association of Kenya (PTAK)


Publications and Patents

  • Influence of Group Characteristics External Assistance on Goal Attainment: Self Help Groups in Pumwani Division in Nairobi, Kenya. M.A in Sociology. University of Nairobi. 1988-1991
  • Paradigm Shift from Institutionalization to Family Empowerment: The Case of Foster Care in Kenya. Compassion International Conference
  • Influence of A Father’s Presence in Building Self Esteem of A Child: The Case of an Urban Setting in Kenya. 4th Annual International Conference, Kabarak University: 15th-18th July, 2014.
  • Disintegration in Value for the Child: The Case of Parental Negligence in an Urban Setting. 6th Annual International Conference, Kabarak University : 13th- 15th July, 2016.
  • Kangaroo Mother Care: From Practice to Policy in Kenyan Hospitals.Daystar University Child Development Department/Compassion International Conference, 2016: 15th – 18th August.