Welcome to the School of Communications, Languages and Performing Arts. The School houses:

    1. The Departments of Language and Performing Arts and
    2. The Department of Communication.

    It takes pride in preparing students for leadership careers in communications, media, and in teaching and the performing arts. This preparation is grounded in solid scholarship and an all rounded approach to education anchored in our philosophy derived from our Christian orientation and biblical teachings.


About the Department

The Communication Department is among the largest in the university in terms of student body and number of programmes offered. It offers programmes ranging from diploma to Ph.D., and was the first private university in Kenya to offer a doctoral degree in Communication. It is housed in the School of Communication, Language and Performing Arts. It offers diploma, undergraduate, master’s degree and doctoral degree programmes





About the Department

Karibu, Welcome, Bienvenue to the Department of Language and Performing Arts. The department comprises a vibrant team of faculty and students dedicated to excellence in teaching and performance in Kiswahili, English, French, and Music. Students who take the programs and courses offered by our department obtain skills useful for careers in teaching, translation, creative writing, editing, drama and musical performance. They also develop critical and analytical skills useful for any career, even in the pure sciences and social sciences..

We also cater for the cultural life of the university by encouraging poetry, theatre and musical performance within the entire university community. Our department is also responsible for promoting excellence in writing in all fields, which we carry out by teaching Advanced Reading and Advanced Writing to all undergraduate students in their first year.

Students participate in this noble endeavour by taking a course in ENG/COM 415 which equips them to assist fellow students with academic and speech writing at the Writing and Speech Center. The peer tutors also have their services contribute towards their tuition fees through the Work Study programme.

The department also offers courses in Basic English for foreign students joining Daystar from countries where English is not the language of instruction, Beginning Kiswahili for foreign students, and Beginning French for complete beginners. The faculty of the department have varied interests and specializations, ranging from creative and technical writing, drama, literary criticism, translation, teaching language in Kenyan high schools and to students from countries where English is not the language of instruction.

We welcome you to join our exciting team and develop your skills, vision and potential to become the leader that our country needs in any sphere of life.

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