Qualifications PhD (Linguistics)
Title Senior Lecturer
Office School of Communication Language & Performing Arts
Ext/Phone ---
Duration 20 years at Daystar University



Rebecca Oladipo is an Associate Professor of English at Daystar University. She has been teaching English course for over 30 years. 



  • Graduate Certificate in Education (Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria, Nigeria)
  • Bachelor of Arts (Eng) received in 1977
  • MA in Modern English which was received in 1981
  • PhD in Linguistics both from Leeds University, England in 1986.



  • Longhorn essentials of English (2015)
  • General research methods
  • A modern approach to positive parenting
  • African adaptation process in English: A comparative analysis of Nigerian Pidgin English and Kenyan “ENGSH”
  • A synopsis of the status of the Christian family in Kenya
  • Redeeming Christian family and marriage in Kenya
  • Christian perspectives and research on child development in the African context
  • Reading habits among continuing education students; Challenges and prospects
  • Challenges of carrying our research in universities in Nairobi
  • She has a wide experience in curriculum development, editing, proposal development, thesis supervision, and research, manuscript assessment.



Professional Associations

Rebecca, is a member of:

  • Linguistic Association of Nigeria,
  • International Council for Higher Education
  • Kenya Non-Fiction Writers Association
  • Kenya Publishers Association
  • Public Universities Research Consortium of Kenya.
  • Rassemblement Francophone Protestante du Nairobi
  • Nigerian Prayer Group in Kenya.