Dr. Jesica Kinya Mwithia


Qualifications PhD in communication
Title Lecturer
Office Communications Department
Ext/Phone ---
Email jkinya@daystar.ac.ke
Duration 12 years at Daystar University



Dr. Mwithia joined Daystar University in 2003 as adjunct faculty and later as a full time faculty staff in 2005. She holds a PhD in communication from University of Technology Sydney (UTS), Australia. Her thesis focused on domestication of mobile phones among the poor in Nairobi. It allowed her to explore issues of technological power vis-à-vis user’s power in the process of embedding communication technologies in their everyday lives. Her M.A thesis focused on Television use patterns among the same population. She also holds a B.A in development studies from Daystar University.



  • In 2016: PhD in communication from University of Technology Sydney (UTS), Australia
  • B.A in development studies from Daystar University



Teaching and Thesis Supervision

Mwithia, has over 10 years of teaching experience at the university. She is currently a faculty member at Daystar University. She has also taught as adjunct faculty at University of Technology Sydney among others. Areas she has taught in include:

  • Communication research
  • Development Communication
  • Intercultural Communication
  • Public Relations
  • Media Studies.

She also gave a series of guest lectures on mobile telephony in Africa in Media power classes (2012-2016) at UTS. She has supervised Masters thesis students, many of who are interested in exploring the role of communication and communication technologies in development processes.


Research: Publications/ Dissertation/ Papers

  • Mwithia, J. K (2015) Domestication of the Mobile Phone in Kibera: How Nairobi’s urban poor are integrating the mobile phone into their everyday lives – PhD Thesis

  • Miller, A. N., Mwithia, J. K., Booker, N. A., Kizito, M. N., & Ngula, K. (2010). Kenyan Patients’ Attitudes Regarding Doctor Ethnicity and Doctor-Patient Ethnic Discordance. Patient Education and Counseling

  • Booker Nancy, Mwithia, J.K. (2010) Challenges facing Continuing Education Learners in Kenya. A look at Continuing Education in Select Private Universities in Nairobi. Perspectives Journal of Daystar University, July 2010

  • Miller, A. N., Golding, L., Ngula, K., Wambua, M. A., Kizito, M. N., Mutua, E., Odondi, C., Booker, N. A., Mwithia, J. K., & Rubin, D. L. (2009). Couples communication on sexual and relational issues among the Akamba in Kenya. African Journal of AIDS Research.

  • Mwithia, J.K (2001) Towards Narrowcasting Programmes: A Descriptive Study of Kibera’s Adult Slum Dwellers’ Television Viewing Patterns - MA Thesis

  • Mwithia, J.K (2011) The Alternative Voice: Opportunities and Challenges offered by Community Media in the slums of Nairobi. – A paper presented at a media training workshop in Haifa, Israel.

  • Where is the answer to this monster? Column Published by KEMRI quarterly magazine. October- December, 2003


Other research engagements

  1. Research assistant
    Project name: Making Transitional Justice Work for Women: Rights, resilience and Responses to Violence Against Women in Northern Uganda, Kenya and DRC. led by Dr. Lucy Fiske.
  2. Research assistant
    Project name: Temporary sobriety initiatives led by Dr. Julie Roberts.
  3. She helped facilitate a Swedish International Development Agency (SIDA) sponsored project where her duties included leading teams of researchers in evaluating project impact. She also led a countrywide survey of Journalist’s perception of coverage of environmental issues.




  • Dr. Mwithia did her PhD under the International Research Scholarship (IRS). This scholarship was funded by University of Technology Sydney.
  • She also did a Social Media training in Haifa, Israel in 2011 under a UNESCO funding programme.



Administrative duties at the university have included

  • Supervision of communication and media students on professional internship at University of Technology Sydney, Australia (2016)
  • Exam office for the communication department at Daystar University (2009-2010)
  • Assistant head of department, Daystar University (2010-2011)
  • Assistant coordinator of a SIDA sponsored programme run by the Daystar’s communication department (2004 – 2005)