Qualifications PhD in Theology
Title Dean
Office School of Arts & Humanities
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Bernard Boyo is a Professor at Daystar University in areas of Bible and Theology, Hermeneutics and Contextualization, both at the Undergraduate, Masters and Doctoral levels. He has supervised as well as read a number of postgraduate theses and projects.  He has also facilitated at seminars and conferences on theological, social and political issues along with speaking/teaching at various conferences and Churches including First Church of the Nazarene Pasadena, CA, New Testament Baptist Church Wilmington, CA, Methodist Church and Africa Inland Church Nairobi, FOCUS, Daystar University, Africa International University, St. Pauls University among others. He has participated in and carried out international collaborative research and participated in a number of social, theological and Christian forums, local and international academic workshops, seminars and conferences. He currently teaches at Daystar University.  He has been a member of Daystar University Senate, University Management and an ex-officio member of the University Council. His research interests include public theology, culture, economic and socio-political impacts on suffering communities and religion’s role and response.



2000 – 2005         Doctor of Philosophy in Theology, Fuller Theological Seminary Pasadena, California, U.S.A                  Seminary
1994 – 1996         Master of Theology Africa International University                                     (NEGST)
1989 – 1992         Master of Divinity International Leadership                                                University (NIST)
1985 – 1989         Bachelor of Theology, Ontario Bible College and                                      Scott Christian University (STC)


Career Summary

  • (2015) Dean, School of Arts and Humanities, Daystar University
  • (2014 ) External Examiner, Mount Kenya University
  • (2012) Adjunct Professor, International Leadership, University, Nairobi, Kenya
  • (2011) External Examiner, Philosophy and Systematic, Theology Department, UNISA
  • (2011) Associate Professor of Theology, Daystar University
  • (2008 - 2015) Dean, Community Life, and professor Theology and Pastoral Studies, Daystar University
  • (2005 - 2007) Senior Lecturer and Chair in Biblical and Religious Studies Dept. Daystar University
  • (2012) Adjunct Professor of Theology, St. Pauls University, Nairobi
  • (2006) Adjunct Professor, Africa International University, Nairobi
  • (1996 - 1999) Lecturer in Biblical and Religious Studies, Daystar University
  • (1991 - 1996) Assistant Lecturer in Biblical and Religious Studies Department, Daystar University



International Conferences, Seminars And Research Projects

  1. Gospel and Culture Seminars: Public Theology: The South African Experience, Johannesburg and Cape Town SA June 2-16, 2009.

  2. University-NGO Coalition-Building Initiative (UNCBI) Writing and Collaborative Forum. University of southern California (USC), Los Angeles, CA USA August 17-22, 2009. Dissemination of report of the 3 year UNCBI Collaborative Research.

  3. 8th International Conference on Urban Health, KICC Nairobi, Kenya October 18-23, 2009. Paper Presented: Post-Election Violence in Kenya: How Universities and Community-Based Organizations Worked Together to Assist the Health and well Being of Vulnerable Urban Children.

  4. Now and Next Theological Conference on Children, Nairobi, Kenya March 9-12, 2011. Paper Presented: response to “Children as Signs of the Kingdom of God: A Challenge to Us All” by Keith White.

  5. Langham International research and Training Seminar and Conference, Wheaton College, Wheaton, Illinois USA June 12th –July 2nd, 2011. Paper Presented: Politics in Africa: A Biblical and Theological Reflection.

  6. The 4/14 Window Global Summit III Singapore, 6-9 September 2011. Theology and Missiology Delegate.

  7. Child Development Symposium: African Scholars and the plight of the African Child. Sarova Pan-Afric Hotel Nairobi Kenya 9th -11th November 2011. Plenary Paper presented: A biblical and Theological Reflection of the Plight of the African Child.

  8. Langham International research and Training Seminar and Conference, Wycliffe Hall, Oxford, UK September 2th –September 22nd, 2012.

  9. Langham International research and training seminar and conference, TTC, Singapore 9th June—5th July 2013. Paper presented: “Taming the Lions: Politics and the Creation Account

  10.  Langham International research and training seminar, Wycliffe Hall, Oxford and Tyndale House, Cambridge, UK 1st  September—27th  September 2014. Paper presented: “Sharks in the waters: The Problem in African Political Engagement”

  11. Scholarship and Christianity in Oxford (SCIO) Bridging the Two Cultures of Science and the Humanities research project award grant 2015-2016. Project title: The Integration of science and religion in traditional healing (ethno-medicine) and faith based healing

  12. Templeton World Charity Foundation research grant on religion and science. Grant award to for Christian and Scientific Association of Kenya (CSAK): Facilitating Synergetic Interaction between Science and Christian Faith in collaboration with Mount Kenya University, 2016 to 2018.

  13. Postdoctoral research and writing project residency, Calvin College, Grand Rapids, Michigan, Feb 16 to April 20, 2016. (Nagel Lectures, Paper presented: Politics in Africa: A Theological Reflection)

  14. African Population and Health Research Center (APHRC) research leadership series Successful Grant Proposal Writing workshop (May 4 to 6, 2016)

  15. Faraday Training on Science and Religion at Sweet Lake Resort & Masada Hotel, Naivasha, Kenya May 10 to 13, 2016.


Academic Papers And Publications


  1. “The Role of the Church in the Social and Political Issues Affecting the Kenyan Context: A Case Study of the Theology of Africa Inland Church” PhD Dissertation

  2. The dissertation critics the socio-political theology of mission founded churches in Kenya and provides guidelines on how the church can restructure its theology so as to be relevant to the Kenyan context. The discussion looks at the American fundamentalist and evangelical environment that shaped the missionary enterprise and analyses the historical perspective on evangelicalism with its political theology as well as its understanding of the separation of church and state and the necessity of engaging the social context. The project surveys the varying contours in evangelical thought and practices in spite of an underlying scepticism about the virtue of politics and the confidence in the virtue of personal conversion and the legitimization of the national project.
    The discussion draws lessons from the American Reformed evangelicals, Karl Barth and the German Confessing Church as well as African Christian theologians to show that theology is a human reflection or God talk that emerges from specific contexts. While theologizing goes on at various levels as people talk about God’s relationship to them in their world, the Christians must be vocal in engaging the Bible with the affairs of society by boldly speaking for truth, social and political justice. The church must not abnegate its role as the voice of society, especially the oppressed but ought to re-evaluate its theology with a view to confronting specific social, economic and political problems within each individual context. .  This doctoral dissertation was published titled: Theology and Politics: The Role of the Church: Christian Involvement in Politics. Germany: Lambert academic Publishing, 2009.

  3. “An exegetical Study of John 8:12 with Special Attention Given to the imagery of Light as a Symbol of Salvation” MTh Thesis 1996.

  4. “The Responsibility of the Church to Support its Pastor: A case Study of AIC Churches in Nyandarua” Published in EAJET 1994.

  5. Editor, Call Me MARAH, Commentary on the Book of Ruth by David Oginde, 2000.

  6. Book Review in Perspectives Journal, a Daystar University Publication, 2006.

  7. Article in Integrating Faith and Learning: Interdisciplinary Perspectives JournalIntegration of Faith and Scholarship: A Theological Fallacy?  December, 2006.

  8. Chapter onA Theological Reflection on Death and Dying: Hope of Life in HIV/AIDS” in the book: Towards HIV and AIDS Competency for the Christian Fraternity: Some Pertinent Theological and Ministerial Considerations, November 2007.

  9. Article in Perspectives Journal, a Daystar University Publication, November 2008.

  10. Response to “Children as Signs of the Kingdom of God: A Challenge to Us All” by Keith White in Now and Next: A Compendium of Papers Presented at the Now and Next Theological Conference on Children, Nairobi, Kenya, March 9-12, 2011.

  11. “Of Penguins and Immigrants” in Walking Together: Christian Thinking and Public Life in South Africa, edited by Joel Carpenter. Abilene, Texas: ACU Press, 2012

  12. “A Biblical and Theological Reflection on the Plight of the African Child: in Christian Perspectives and Research on Child Development in the African Context. Nairobi, Kenya: Daystar University, 2013.

  13. “Current Developments in Christian Higher Education” in Integrating Faith and Learning: Reflections on Christian Higher Education in Africa, edited by Bernard Boyo. Daystar University, 2015.

  14. "Reclaiming the Prophetic Voice: The Role of Religious Leaders on Social Justice Issues" Paper presented at Hekima Institute of Peace Studies and International Relations on May 24th 2016.



Professional Membership

  • Evangelical Theological Society (ETS)
  • Africa Society of Evangelical Theology (ASET)
  • International Society on Urban Health (ISUH)
  • Emerging Theologians of Africa (ETA)
  • Christian and Scientific Association of Kenya (CSAK)



Academic Awards

  • Dilworth International Graduate Fellowship Award 2002
  • Langham Scholars Post-Doctoral Fellowship Award 2011-2014
  • Scholarship and Christianity in Oxford (SCIO) Bridging the Two Cultures of Science and the Humanities Project Award 2015-2016